Cartoonist north floated multimillionaire has resigned from one thousand yuan yearly salary 300000 jobs

cartoonist One thousand yuan north bleaching achievement multimillionaire

grade handsome rich singles shenyang people yeah oh! Crazy!

a crazy fat, a few friends, with our own representative to occupy the domestic cartoon topped the list of the five major professional data.

this fat man is diffuse enthusiasts heard GuiBao name e.g. Long, but I’m afraid that the names of the daddy daizy GuiBao is not known by most people & ndash; & ndash; A 192 cm tall, handsome boy, in shenyang under the principle of the art of morality, intelligence and physique full scale development, inherited the northeast people unique humor, a drift into professional is worth thousands of cartoonist.

a childhood dream, several different color friend, plus a former girlfriend left dog, the combination of a small group of people into GuiBao life, and sparked a about comics & other; Throughout the long march &; . This weekend, cartoonist returned to his hometown of shenyang, in BeiTu signing activity. A few days ago, our reporter contacted daizy, and an exclusive interview, its content involves work, life, love, life attitude, many aspects, such as 9 PM for interview took place in late

(humans shed masks) within the limits of time, so the real reliable basic interview content can be determined. Said: by the way, the social status of millions of cartoonist is still single, in the other half is looking for, have intention to single woman to grasp!

daizy don’t & other; GuiBao & throughout;

full of Chinese western beauty handsome boy

to daizy interview scheduled good about yesterday, but coincides with cartoonist birthday, was made before, is changed to 9 PM the night before last. Rich singles in the thought the cartoon industry is to crazy birthday celebration on the day itself, but later discovered & other Guangxi ite & throughout; Is a man of very thick line, birthday and such events is difficult to the workaholic harmony. And sadness is a rush of birthday, he has to attend vehicle test, plus a transaction before multifarious, lead to daizy appeared the status of the guns.

& other; Ah, I listen to you feel the breath of home, long time! Throughout the &; Although from shen for years, but daizy throw with deep-rooted shenyang accent. & other; Ah? You also don’t say, in fact also is really a birthday this year. Coincided with the home what relatives are inside, you will get together for a meal, it’s your birthday. Birthday present? Never received! Throughout the &;

height 192 cm, libra, type A blood, all of these are daizy label. But these labels seems it is difficult to reflect from the round goodness GuiBao, according to daizy GuiBaoLian think of should is: small eyes folds, tower height, average height & hellip; & hellip; Works and the author himself appeared serious free ingredients; And publishing editors said he absolutely classic Chinese style, at the same time full of western beauty. Such description can not help but make people think of “twilight” in that a vampire named Edward.

is not! Daizy is his own, big eyes double-fold eyelid, skin looks good, a moderate, does not have long been depressed after modelling show irregular life. This is A typical libra man, and he also said the libra, type A blood on his body has obvious reflected, excessive pursuit of perfection is one of the hand. Such as the next day to attend the principle of simulation, the first time he answer the 98 points, the second a 94 points, although it is more than 90 points even if passed, but daizy is concerned, this has seriously impacted his interview, he constantly in the process of the whole interview trying to search for yourself whether you where is wrong. Yes, he knows his body has advantages and disadvantages, and how the disadvantage into advantage, he said that he is an expert in the constellation. Do you believe?

mother’s achievements dream boy

in the circle & other; Malicious people artists & throughout;

a person has their own dreams, has been pursuing, and finally achieved, and in the real society engaged in a job related to dream, can’t say this is a happy thing, daizy. & other; I love painting as a child, the age small catch where painting, in fact, a lot of children have this tendency, I in the home are painted on the wall. But my mother never stop me, that she was really prescient, may also think that look good? (smile) a wall painting is full, my mom is just above a layer of white paper or newspaper, then I will continue to painting, painting is full of my mother continued to post, the repeated. Throughout the &; Daizy told reporters.

daizy, said mother found his hobby of painting, he began to formal painting since school, but also take into account the calligraphy, but he felt the pressure calligraphy field, painting is always no, he was fond of drawing, never feel boring. & other; Would have imagined that good, but not to come out of time, I have been so down. But I don’t think this is not good, good eyesight can let own level continuously follow progress, you will always be chasing you eyesight in the run, over the years my hand was finally able to keep up with the vision. (laughs) & throughout;

q daizy if he admitted that he is an artist? But the appearance of the artist is not very dark, very serious? And why they act like a big kid? This way is repeatedly daizy, the he admitted that he is indeed a artist. & other; Cartoon itself is a kind of art, so the cartoonist is artist, the artist also points a lot of different kinds of & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Daizy, told reporters that he saw he was a child first comic, his ideal is to become a cartoonist, also want to be a animators, now, these two dreams realized, all and at home, he name is very loud and clear, and is arguably the most willing to bear hardships circles & other; Malicious people & throughout; .

stay when the teacher not to north floats

quit yearly salary three hundred thousand do creative otaku

GuiBao 1 & other; Crazy! Throughout the &; The results themselves & other; Crazy & throughout; To each big cartoons at the top of the charts, and in fact GuiBao daizy is a microcosm of the real life, daizy & other; Crazy & throughout; ? How did he & other; Crazy & throughout; ? & other; Crazy & throughout; The scale of what? How & other; Crazy & throughout; Is the reasonable & other; Crazy & throughout; ? & other; I always say myself & lsquo; The sea & rsquo; , in fact, the word is not new, but I feel in my body is apt. I throw myself in the sea, you can’t catch what, there is no one to help you, whether you will can’t swim, you yourself have to think of some way to get to the shore. Throughout the &; In that case, daizy the secret of success is driving himself to the dead.

in 2003, master of LuMei after graduation, daizy in Beijing alone, with only 1000 dollars. & other; The master is not too much, and most of my classmates chose to stay. I stay at that time is can, on the one hand, my grades in school is very good, on the other hand in LuMei do teachers income is not low. But that stability is not what I want, so I chose to go to Beijing, I am not to earn money, I’m going to do art. Throughout the &; This is the first time that daizy & other; Crazy & throughout; .

$one thousand plus a small pocket bags, daizy began his career as a north drift. & other; Was very bitter, I’m a stranger is on the one hand, on the other hand I live frugally, then spends only about 200-300 pieces per month, all the rest of the money saved. Looking for a job is not a problem, record of formal schooling and ability to possess, but this is just a process. Is not a hard life, also not be unfamiliar environment, but a kind of psychological gap, I work in Beijing. My classmates do the teacher, stable life, social status is good too. But I always feel the comfort of life is not what I want, and I want to change the fate in their own hands. Throughout the &; Daizy said. & other; Soon afterwards, my salary reached $120000, is in the advertising company. Then I do the media company’s production department director, 300000 a year, but I quit again. Throughout the &; Daizy is so & other; Crazy & throughout; .

however, daizy think you & other; Crazy & throughout; Right, he felt that life is limited, to resign because he thinks that using a year’s time to make 12 or 300000 on the one hand is not ideal, on the other hand, he thinks that he can use the time to create more valuable things. & other; I figure it is creation, so I don’t go to work. But you know what a day to go out, there will be a neighbor of what ask you & lsquo; Don’t go to work & rsquo; Ah of what, let a person special pressure, you said a young man don’t go to work at home every day? You know when you are in the creation, but others don’t think you is a jobless young men? So tall is really an eyesore. Throughout the &;

does not smoke or drink love sports love cooking

& other; Brick & throughout; Stone if old worry married

although worth millions, but daizy says, & other; Never & throughout; Not overnight, and not about getting out, he is a cartoonist, ten years like one day, a moment a little bit every day, accumulation of struggle, not do the helicopter, is walking step by step, hardships and happiness only their most clearly.

the GuiBaoYou a beloved girl in the story, he in the chase, but the girl is always & other; Abuse & throughout; The portrayal of him, this is Mr Daizy love? Daizy correction, GuiBao not abuse, but he has been in the pursuit of girls in their own way, he thought it was right, but in fact, girls don’t like it, so the condition of similar abuse.

& other; (laughs) I really is like this as a child, I always think girls should be like the study, what all good, is the art of morality, intelligence and physique full scale development type, so I have been trying, but I found that I think good things they were not, on the contrary they just like to have a bit of less encouraging boys. Like my girl? Not much! Before also has experienced two failed in love, may be I really don’t understand what girls like, or because I put too much time at work, ignore them. In a nutshell is caused by many factors. The object of the right? No, so in a hurry! If I’m sure to chase a life! Although man older get married nothing, but I’m still really loud. Throughout the &; Speaking of which, daizy heaved a sigh of relief.

to the identity of their own rich singles, daizy do not deny that, but he is strong to express as & other Masonry bachelors & throughout; , & other; But I think this & lsquo; Brick & rsquo; Should not only went up from economic understanding, it should be said that like me, don’t smoke or drink everyday work at home, like sports, love to cook, my wife can see every day, also be at ease. A successful career does not have many handsome boy, aaah, crazy! I this libra narcissism strength again & hellip; & hellip; Is cartoonist often work very busy, no time to accompany his girlfriend really some bad, estimates that is why I have been in if. Dear friends, quickly ah, to introduce to the elder brother ah! Throughout the &; The reporter IfengLogo Gu Zhenni