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the crossing bao shu & middot; qing wear volume, a total of 13 volumes, omit the fifth edition of volume and & other; Set pieces & throughout; .

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bring a: through risky

dress is the primary, times also want to get to. If you want to wear to the court to mix, just don’t learn from the film and television play, otherwise & hellip; & hellip;

bring volume 2: clothing should pay attention to

a lot of different dynasties period costume style, style is not exactly the same, the daily change especially more casual clothes. So through the preparation must be ready before, according to their own want to go to the era of tailored the right clothes. After all, in his own house is too much or too advanced & hellip; & hellip;

bring volume 3: the rules more attention

zhujiajian 溍 said Mr & other; The queen in the palace, or the west, or, no matter living in what place, all from point a to point b, not only the palace people do not have continually yell & lsquo; Landing & rsquo; , even voice, never & lsquo; Landing & rsquo; The vocabulary. Palace to have such a habit: is the queen mother or queen, living at the Summer Palace, for example, sometimes from dwelling house walk out idle away, of course there is always a eunuch palace before and after, if you saw office officials there or craftsman kind of person, in front of the eunuch has to come across the implications & lsquo; Lord who come & rsquo; Responsibility. This suggests that don’t have to speak, but with the breathed whistle of lips. Throughout the &;

bring volume 4: look don’t look at the clothes

in his palace on clothes carefully to identify people, wear the dragon embroidered robe around all day is not much. The most common is suits, casual clothes. Before the late qing dynasty and the qing casual clothes no pattern color silk embroideries, is dark. Before and after the emperor of the imperial clan secret robe around four open fringing, officials before and after the two open fringing, coloring roughly the same. Emperor secret crown crown cap of red velvet, the material is not as good as minister of valuable, but the highest level.

bring six: etiquette know

in the qing dynasty emperor summoned officials wear suits, PaoZhao azurite secret binding, don’t hang court beads. Play the eunuch to room value favor let so-and-so, brought before NuanGe let it in, and then with the inner squire eunuchs outside the court. Was summoned people come in to kneel Ann, said & other; Vassal so-and-so given throughout the emperor st. Ann &; . Stand, to kneel down to the front of the kang thick pad, the emperor to speak first. Talk about finished, the emperor said & other; Kneel Ann! & throughout; . Be summoned the people knelt Ann to go out.

bring seven: the truth between

network and some publications are still talk of a red & other; Sweet princess portrait & throughout; , the clothing hair style is typical of the late qing dynasty han nationality women’s dress, more common in guangdong’s export painting. Can see China export paintings in the qing dynasty and related articles.

bring about eight: don’t be obsessed with ye

& other; Grandpa four & throughout; Is a man of individuality, also has many fans in the contemporary era. He read posts, the reply often than Posting a bright spot, so if you get a chance still don’t miss, but don’t forget the oneself is in the cross oh & hellip; & hellip;

bring volume 9: historical textual research more

there are a lot of history in the qing dynasty mystery need you personally to crack, of course, the result is the same as you believe, only then knows the & hellip; & hellip;

bring about ten: draft very strict

zhujiajian 溍 “selection of qing dynasty empresses” : & other; Optional object is more than eight banners four product officials’ families, such as the familiar western Pacific, her father is a tender, is more than four items. Choose such XiuNv when a person has 30, 20 or more than 10 people, jointly by does and office to deal with, choose palace woman is by the office to do alone. When selected, the two have a common special circumstances, such as do not kneel, when choosing, is called the selected person to come over, resting on the table with a green sign, write the name of the parents, what a certain flags brought under someone’s daughter, age, some green head sign has a nickname, but not have a nickname. I remember when the empress dowager longyu selected wrote third-class Paul GuiXiangZhi female, has also written a nickname XiZi. Choose someone JiaoMing, the head of the row and second row order, don’t kneel, finished one by one down to wait for notice, at the time said nothing. This is a woman of selected palace. Throughout the &;

bring volume 11: shi lay a program

about concubines shi tomb, zhujiajian 溍 also mentioned: & other; Give green head sign during a meal in the emperor and his concubines to wait YanXi hall summoned at night, the emperor called a princess is a precious green head on the table to sign over, inside the temple officials call a princess, a princess with dinner, night live together, the rest of the bulk & hellip; & hellip; Former notes legend princess to sleep with the emperor took off clothes quilt wrapped in carrying, is sheer nonsense. Throughout the &;

bring about twelve: opportunity to grasp the

after crossing the merit may have many opportunities, don’t miss. Such as jiaqing eight years (1803) on February 20, leap clear injong by yuanmingyuan palace, take and into the gate is her virginity. Civilian Chen De (47 years old, from Beijing) from the creature went west wing wall highlight to assassinate, after being DingQinWang continous grace, solid Aaron Fu flourishing dole dhi, dry cleaning door guards danba dole dhi captured, etc.

bring about 13: there are differences in aesthetic

in the aesthetic is not the same time, today’s & other; Beauty & throughout; The standard is not necessarily effective. Jin qicong said: & other; (in) and affluent women beauty & hellip; & hellip; There is a short and very fat women, the size of the feet, doing menial jobs has a lot of effort, my grandmother will boast her good-looking, and said that in the future must have possessed & hellip; & hellip; My grandmother is also kua he (her man) & hellip; & hellip; Is a rich man in big ear, woman, will not wrong. Throughout the &;