CCTV broadcast “netizen chow: countries have tasks for you”

the domestic zero zero paint film screen

Stephen chow was elected as the new CPPCC member of guangdong province, January 16, CCTV broadcast & other “24 hours” Stephen chow was elected CPPCC netizen: throughout the country have tasks for you &; , the following is a text transcript:

host: anyway, Stephen chow has been a CPPCC member. Why it’s actually a news? To a large extent, because a lot of people think it is incredible. Some people sigh with emotion, of course, said it was the play, as in life. But some people more directly, and they asked, & other; Week star, CPPCC member? Throughout the &;

explanation: & other; He is so busy, it can be a good member? Will become & lsquo; The vase & rsquo; And waste a number? Throughout the &; When a famous comedian suddenly became a CPPCC member, a serious news originally in the eyes of many people is full of entertaining. Many netizens also cited Stephen chow bridge for fun in his work.

007 (movie “domestic ling paint” Stephen chow) : you’re welcome, leonardo.

leonardo (Luo Guying) : countries have tasks to to you.

007: really? Finally the play me.

007:10 years, has been ten years, I thought that countries simply put I forgot.

commander (tam) : how can, even a pants, a piece of toilet paper, has its USES.

007: the metaphor is really great. I have prepared to accept any task.

in Stephen chow’s election, in addition to ridicule, some netizens think that rely on celebrity to participate should be encouraged; But also some netizens have expressed concern that he thought the CPPCC is ultimately need proposal participates, whether & other; Vase members & throughout; , or the proposal. But for this problem, some enthusiastic netizens for Stephen chow has found the answer.

BaoLong star (” hail the judge “Stephen chow) : a wish as a child, what do you want to be a good officer. Grew up just know, it’s not that easy to do good officer & hellip; & hellip;

agent response: Stephen chow is very interested in political

report from our correspondent For online evaluation, Stephen chow agent mr.chen said: & other; Can be elected CPPCC member, guangdong province, said Stephen chow is a great pleasure, he will fulfill their duties as soon as possible. Throughout the &;

a net friend of Stephen chow will become & other; Star vase & throughout; Concerns, mr.chen said don’t need to have the concerns, & other; He is very interested in politics, he is not just a movie, he has his own listed company, capable of such an important task. May be in the impression of the audience, Stephen chow just actor or a director, in fact he is also very attention to things that are not part of the film and television, the Hong Kong newspapers, television will focus, attention to social news especially. Throughout the &;

guangdong people’s political consultative conference: not as likely to be removed from

report from our correspondent for & other; Star members will not as & throughout; Doubt, the guangdong people’s political consultative conference, said has some provisions are formulated to standardize the CPPCC of role behavior. Committee member if long-term don’t participate in the organization’s activities, vice-governor may be removed or & other; Please quit & throughout; , thus losing its membership, & other; CPPCC member we will have to establish archives, started to members on a regular basis and its place unit feedback, as a member of the role and effect of evaluation & throughout; .

in recent years, the guangdong people’s political consultative conference had not as the star of the CPPCC, real to & other; Please quit & throughout; Way to cancel some of the long-term not sulk star CPPCC member, such as the Olympic Games champion in diving, hu jia, etc.