CCTV famous mouth collective exhibition Zhao4 zhong xiang2 paint donkey cui yongyuan rooster (FIG.)

xiao-mei sun, cui yongyuan, zhao zhongxiang, 8, Zhao Pu debut exhibition

zhongxiang donkey, cui yongyuan with chicken

& other; CCTV famous mouth & throughout; Collective do show

& other; The fire is dead! Is the fire is dead! I did not think of, during the May Day, we this help CCTV host exhibition, could such a sensation! Throughout the &; Yesterday is small long vacation first day, morning, & other; CCTV host painting and calligraphy exhibition & throughout; In the grand opening of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference hall. Zhao zhongxiang, ni ping, 8, xiao-mei sun, zhu, LZSB, famous CCTV host cui yongyuan, Zhao Pu, successively into the calligraphy and painting excellent work. An unexpected is, has always been somewhat & other; Throughout, form &; Kung fu as the mouth, pulled out, cause the audience high praise. 9 PM last night, west China metropolis daily reporter attachment interview to the 71 – year – old zhao zhongxiang, he excitedly told reporters the words right out of the front.

enthusiasm of

heard about the exhibition CCTV famous mouth together to send picture

the special exhibition by the Chinese literature and art foundation, China network television, the purpose is to let people know about the CCTV host little-known painting and calligraphy artist behind the screen.

yesterday, zhao zhongxiang excitedly told west China metropolis daily reporter: & other; The organizer is give let’s party! Today many audience, leading to the host for us support is very much also. Unexpectedly, our CCTV host behind the screen, there are so many little-known painting and calligraphy artist style! CCTV host painting and calligraphy exhibition effect is very good! Throughout the &;

then, zhao zhongxiang, laughing to west China metropolis daily reporter tells the story behind the exhibition: & other; As early as a month ago, the leaders find we say 2012 May Day is coming, let’s do a CCTV host exhibitions,? Subsequently, ni ping, 8, xiao-mei sun, zhu, LZSB, cui yongyuan famous CCTV host will be sent to. Throughout the &;

undiscovered talent

close disciple of zhu is Fan Ceng

said zhao zhongxiang, exhibition this time, concentrated part shows the CCTV host a few works, there are a large number of didn’t appear. & other; CCTV host, is the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. 8 sent is a few drama characters, for example, my painting is his donkey, cui yongyuan work is big rooster, ni ping is on display at the birds and flowers works, xiao-mei sun work is lotus, zhu of fruits and vegetables, LZSB and Zhao Puze gave calligraphy. LZSB has revealed he dozen small like calligraphy and painting, but also didn’t follow what is famous, is entirely self-taught. Throughout the &;

according to west China metropolis daily reporter understanding, ni ping last October in shenzhen do personal exhibition for the first time, a “rhyme” was sold for 1.18 million yuan, at that time caused a sensation. The host zhu, his teacher is a famous painter Fan Ceng. Zhao zhongxiang, Fan Ceng a total of seven disciple, zhu was close disciple. Teacher I, zhu’s works in a charity auction price 600000 yuan, is very popular.

71 – year – old zhao zhongxiang on the painting and calligraphy, and took out their donkey. Circles of people know, zhao zhongxiang donkey, because he studied art master, & other Draw the donkey master & throughout; Huang Zhou. Zhao4 zhong xiang2 to him say: you sichuan host wang xiaoya, she is good at painting and calligraphy level is also a good living, especially the bamboo painting wang2 xiao3 ya, that’s pretty nice! Throughout the &;