CCTV for a Mosaic of David lead spoof for naked women “wear” condole belt

netizens to David & other; Wear & throughout; A pair of shorts

net friend David to wear very tidy

oil painting in the “tao” naked women were put on condole to take unlined upper garment

on July 9 at noon, CCTV news channel aired a called “Beijing the bo GuanQing: in one hundred the Renaissance appearance masterpieces by famous writers,” the news, one of the lens is Michelangelo’s famous statue of David, the statue is a naked adult male hero image, the lens in sensitive parts is a Mosaic of David. However, after more than three hours of the Mosaic in the multiple and removed. But this Mosaic has quickly become a hot topic on the network, many netizens think “David” is a world famous works of art, its nude modelling reflects the strength and the line of the human body, play on the Mosaic is redundant, & other; Mosaic a dozen, but ineffective throughout the &; . But there are also netizens think, in the news program on Mosaic is nothing more than to & other; Scale & throughout; .

after a spirited discussion, many netizens said to David & other; Sympathy & throughout; : & other; Although it is summer, David cold ah, give he gave to the pair of shorts & throughout; , also called for everybody & other; Dress David & throughout; And David & other naked PS” In all kinds of clothing: striped shirt, jeans, etc. In addition to David & other; Send warm & throughout; , still have many enthusiastic netizens to showing physical characters in the painting & other; Dress & throughout; : Venus and the surrounding small angels are put on the red chinese-style chest covering, oil painting “spring” naked girls holding tank used to be put on the uniform, the Chinese dress & hellip; & hellip; The net friend & other; Wake up the raven & throughout; To integrate painting these dressed in their own weibo, soon the tweet was a large number of netizens forwarding, this group of pictures also obtained the favorable comment of numerous net friend, also called on clothes is once and for all methods, & other; Look so much better than playing Mosaic & throughout; & other; Put on the clothes is not vulgar at all & throughout; .

in phoenix mesh on yesterday & other; Is it necessary to call naked statues throughout Mosaic &; Network survey, most netizens think that there is no need to call David Mosaic, oneself also & other Don’t feel from the David porn & throughout; . Sina weibo launched a similar vote, 42.7% of Internet users will vote for the & other; Respect for art, do not need a Mosaic & throughout; And 3.2% of netizens think & other; Effect is not good, let’s cover covered throughout the &; . Modern express reporter IfengLogo ChuQin