CCTV handsome practice announcer The net friend call: “benefit of female fans”

the graph is: Wang Yan

the graph is: Hu Yuexin

always with serious and orthodox, authoritative image of CCTV news channel, has quietly changed, broadcast at 3 o ‘clock in the morning the news studio, enable the practice announcer. Seven has appeared in the host, which is not more attractive than handsome niche, sought after by many young female net friend. Something with the han geng Hu Yuexin won praise is the most handsome anchor, instantly attracted many fans luster, heavy Wang Yan referred by netizens & other A face of vital qi & throughout; .

a netizen, CCTV’s the move & other; Benefit of the female fans & throughout; , some netizens call & other; CCTV news good delicious & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; It is reported, this several internships announcer are all in the school student at the communication university of China, through layers of screening and examination into the CCTV last December after practice. Each of their current working hours, two days a week a day voice broadcast news a day. Although the internship without wages, to and from school and between CCTV is also very hard, but several internship anchor all cherish the chance, every night at eleven o ‘clock start to prepare the next day at 3 o ‘clock in the morning news, & other; Certainly also trapped, but also very excited, also can not sleep during the day & throughout; . IfengLogo jia-kun Chen