CCTV new hosts were “too weak” self-mockery “hanging wire host” (FIG.)

Xu Zhuoyang

15 (reporter angel lee) in the morning, CCTV “news studio” appeared a new face, the original “zero distance” jiangsu city channel host Xu Zhuoyang appearance.

many people in nanjing is not unfamiliar to him, for some of the wuhan people, he is also an acquaintance. Xu Zhuoyang, born in 1985 in Yellowstone, wu3 da4 history humanities experimental class level 2004 college graduates, & other; When enter oneself for an examination, wuhan university, is because see the wu3 da4 debate team game, know wu3 da4 debate is very severe. Throughout the &; And he said, & other; Because the debate, wu3 da4 image in the heart of many students become high. Throughout the &; Since sophomore year, his three consecutive years won the highest prize & other school debate All the best debater & throughout; , at that time become LuoJiaShan figure on the screen; At the same time, he still huazhong university & other Mr News & throughout; , 2007, wuhan university and other Ten of the students & throughout; . Last year, in the sixth China central television TV host contest, he won a silver medal. He seems to be born and eat of the bowl of rice decree by destiny.

as CCTV anchor before Xu Zhuo thing wasn’t too & other; Red & throughout; . He witnessed wu3 da4 debate team golden & ndash; & ndash; International college debate champion in 2010; Then, he hidden under the several star debater aura, become their & other Partners throughout the &; . After a period of time, his work will run back to school after work every day, and the players discuss motion into the middle of the night, to climb the fence back to the house.

& other; Like yao Ming’s limited his height, can’t go to play table tennis. My appearance condition, drove me to only inward mining. Throughout the &; He hasn’t shied away from talking about his appearance. After joining CCTV, he was online evaluation & other; Too weak & throughout; . He forwarded, self-mockery is & other; Lifting wire host & throughout; . , he thought, as a news, to possess the ability of independent thinking, & other; If you don’t have any ideas, just can’t afford to responsible & throughout; .

CCTV work just a few days, media said he is immediately & other; Qiu Qiming successor & throughout; . Previously, the media said he is & other; Morphy successor & throughout; . Under the previous halo Xu Zhuoyang uncomfortable. Yesterday noon, he tweeting, & other; In fact, it is in the village to a new man, which units don’t hire new ah, who haven’t as the couple were called. In addition, also have no so many successors, everyone has his own class throughout the &; .

& other; Life is a pioneer. Throughout the &; Guy Xu Zhuoyang said.