CCTV “the most handsome anchor” Hu Yuexin star Audience to stay up late to watch the news (FIG.)

Hu Yuexin called & other; The most handsome internship anchor & throughout;

Beijing news dispatch (reporter liu wei) recently, a group of youthful internship anchor quietly at CCTV broadcast of the news studio at 3 in the morning. Although the program is scheduled to host the morning, CCTV news channel powerful platform or let them soon caused the attention of the audience, and quickly become a hot topic recently network weibo, or even some netizens call because these attractive practice announcer, & other; Even staying up late to watch the news & throughout; .

on April 17, CCTV news channel in the news studio at 3 o ‘clock in the morning of the first fresh anchor face, he is a student at the communication university of China Zhang Zhonglu. The next few days, new faces appeared successively: Wang Yin wenqi, Sun Huihang, Liu Yi Wang Yan, MiaoKai, Hu Yuexin seven new faces appeared one by one, such as screen subtitles introducing them & other; Practice announcer & throughout; . Some netizens reflect: & other; Insomnia at a glance at the news, unexpectedly found & lsquo; Practice announcer & rsquo; ? This title was the first time I saw in CCTV. Throughout the &;

a CCTV staff confirmed that the appearance of the news studio & other Practice announcer & throughout; Are college students, during my internship in CCTV will have special teachers guidance. And the emergence of several internship anchor also caused netizens, which is called & other; The most handsome internship anchor & throughout; Hu Yuexin, by netizens as & other; First see like han geng, two eyes like sa beining, no dead Angle of 360 degrees & throughout; He has many supporters in the network.