CCTV’s “best practice anchorwoman” sequence is appearance Netizens praised (FIG.)

sequence is at “news studio”.

the most handsome show the last year, here comes a the most beautiful.

the & other; The most handsome anchor & throughout; Hu Yuexin after another temperamental belle internship anchor in CCTV news channel. Many people praise it as & other; CCTV’s most beautiful internship anchorwoman & throughout; . Yesterday afternoon, west China metropolis daily reporter interviews in the sequence.

the selection into the CCTV

sequence chess is in jiangsu province, was awarded the eighth of jiangsu province high school composition contest prize, XingHua debate for middle school students. In 2009, she was admitted to the communication university of China art institute of broadcasting and hosting, graduated this summer. In 2010, she had worked as an intern in the hunan satellite TV, also is the top ten adult ceremony presided over the party.

yesterday afternoon, west China metropolis daily reporter contacted sequence is himself. The voice is sweet, & other; I am a internship in CCTV, graduating this year & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; But then she declined reporter interview requests, I’m sorry to say: & other; We have a regulation, can’t just for an interview. Throughout the &;

then, the reporter learns on the website page at the communication university of China, the sequence is the identity of the interns, after selection, to stand out from the crowd.

her love to imitate gong

sequence is friends, classmates, as well as hebei TV, “star festival” new host Guo Zixue, told the reporters, & other; Her attitude is quite good, because she is originally the tepid character, ha ha. Throughout the &; In addition to the host, sequence is also versatile. & other; For a time, she is very love to imitate gong, and good imitation. Throughout the &; West China metropolis daily reporter XunChao latest news

her weibo fans surge

from Hu Yuexin, Wang Yan, now the sequence of chess, CCTV’s internship reporter has been praised by users. As of yesterday backs, sequence is weibo fans have soared to 11150, and growing. Many netizens have praised: & other; So pure and moving. Throughout the &; Some netizens say: & other; To depict the news anchor has prompted even more people attention. Throughout the &;

immediately review

& other; GuangYuan & throughout; Star face. It’s quite a few

as a graduated from communication university of China (hereafter called GuangYuan) of children’s shoes, always has an indescribable chemistry pride. School, active in the mouth in the name of the CCTV screen, such as bai yansong, cui yongyuan, LZSB, li yong, JingYiDan the exemptions the teacher elder sister, is our pride, out of the gate with everyone. Work, reported Hu Yuexin, Wang Yan, sequence is age alumni of internship in CCTV also extremely happy. In fact, apart from the rest of us, a lot of famous mouth also love GuangYuan: such as the original CCTV famous mouth wang is now assistant principal, cui yongyuan spoke together & other; Oral history & throughout; Class, OuYangXiaDan back to GuangYuan read bo for further study. And shui junyi daughter also poetry, the daughter of Huang Hong Huang Zhao letter and are now reading GuangYuan professional of broadcasting and hosting. There’s plenty GuangYuan star face,!

west China metropolis daily reporter XunChao