Celebrities have been repeatedly “weibo” and “jia” advanced speaking fees to send direct messages

& other; Jia pingwa & throughout; Direct messages sent advance speaking fees! As long as pay can be certified

reporter LiLiang recent 77 – year – old old wang meng unexpectedly also speak on weibo, onlookers. However, wang meng soon became clear that he has never been open weibo, oneself is & other By weibo & throughout; .

credit crisis: Stephen chow has 120 weibo

weibo post a picture of wang meng head, also play by the side of the name, as is the celebrity weibo through the identity authentication. To me writers on weibo, advocates a thrill. But wang meng ungrateful, & other; I didn’t open. Should be a fake, I don’t know this thing. Throughout the &;

but wang meng completely don’t need to angry, because according to the reporter, lots of phoney celebrity weibo already online. Now, called & other; Luo yufeng (feng) & throughout; Have 31 weibo, almost every weibo in the update. The shaolin temple abbot abbot has nearly 10 & other; Phoney weibo & throughout; , someone always borrow the abbot, some like & other; In a bad mood today & throughout; This kind of vicious & other; ChanYu & throughout; . The most exaggerated is Stephen chow, named online & other; Stephen chow & throughout; Weibo has more than 120.

sinister: phoney borrow the name of li kui con

a college of liberal arts teacher tells a reporter, she recently received a from & other; The old jia weibo & throughout; Direct messages. Direct messages on claims to jia pingwa, precious free recently, may be invited to give a speech. Also leave a phone number. Jia pingwa unexpectedly from direct messages, the teacher a thrill. She hurriedly called jia pingwa to meet, only to find that is wrong, because the other readily promised, put forward to advance $5000 in speaking fees, crucially, this person is very standard mandarin, no cavity in shaanxi province.

& other; I later found out that jia pingwa have official weibo on netease, & lsquo; The old jia weibo & rsquo; Should be false, was almost fooled. Just don’t know how liar & lsquo; Attention & rsquo; To me. Throughout the &; The teacher told reporters. The personage inside course of study revealed that the phoney play li kui con, has become a new form of network fraud.

money: money can buy certification

Huaibei city of

there is a media company do the advertising on the Internet, claiming he could provide the microblogging certification and microblogging forwarding services. Reporters call yesterday the company, the staff is very enthusiastically said, as long as you pay the cost of hundreds of yuan, can complete the microblogging certification within a day or two. & other; Jia pingwa’s weibo can certification? Throughout the &; The reporter asked tentatively. & other; No problem, as long as it’s not reactionary personage. Throughout the &;

as to how to make a phoney change to li, the company secret, just claim & other; We have our channels & throughout; . And some insider tells a reporter, now site of celebrity weibo identity verification is not very strict, it also gives some phoney to chink in the wall. Of course does not rule out another possibility, the website of phoney intentionally with one eye open, after all a fake celebrity weibo also can earn hits to the site in a short time.

what celebrities easily & other; By weibo & throughout;

1. Not typist: celebrity, that will not typing on the Internet has become a & other; By weibo & throughout; The worst-hit areas. Wang meng is such.

2. The topic is of rendering: phoney also like topics with celebrities, imitate their characteristics, a parody. Such as feng and the abbot.