Celebrity heritage exposure: Marx leaving dickens 7.1 million 250

recently, the British genealogical sites (ancestry. Co. UK) will be shipped in one lot in England and wales will yearbook published for the first time the yearbook between 1861 to 1941, contains more than 600 copies of the relevant materials of the will, exposes many historical figures & other; Throughout the last fortune &; . Including Marx, dickens, etc., do you know how much are these celebrities finally left to future generations?

Carl & middot; Marx: 250

most notably Karl & middot; Marx’s legacy, though he was German, but because deported from many countries, everywhere in exile, he claims to be & other; Citizens of the world & throughout; . The middle of the 19th century, Marx came to London, until 1883, died in the local. Will show his only daughter left an estate of 250 pounds, the equivalent of the £ 23000 (RMB 230000), with the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph’s words, Marx was a poor man. In London, Marx in debt, poor and sick, rely on friends and Engels scrape by, using the three children have died in five years, only daughter Elena. During this period, Marx wrote his most important works & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; “Das kapital” (the first volume).

Charles & middot; Dickens: 80000

compared with Marx, also make a living by writing dickens is much lucky, died left an estate of 80000 pounds, the equivalent of 7.1 million pound (RMB 71 million). He is Britain’s most popular novel writer, up to the royal family poor, no one don’t read dickens. On June 9, 1870, dickens in writing up his last novel, mystery of the Edwin & middot; drew DE, died of cerebral haemorrhage. Wills wrote & other; I absolutely required to get my funeral simple, concise, do not make public. Don’t obituary in the newspaper. Please my friends don’t for I built a monument, memorial essays. My book will let people remember me & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; For me, this is enough. Throughout the &;

conan Doyle: 600000

& other; The father of Sherlock Holmes & throughout; Conan Doyle’s legacy is rich, a total of 600000 pounds, the equivalent of 55 million pound (RMB 550 million). I earned a lot of fees and royalties detective story is just a sideline, conan Doyle’s true identity is a doctor, rich also is easy to explain.

however, to worship his readers chilling, conan Doyle almost all the heritage and all Copyrights, gave his second wife and their three children, and his late wife, the daughter of Mary only 2000 pounds, in the years before then, conan Doyle has refused to give Mary is reading a book cost of living, it is said that this was done to show his loyalty of current wife feelings.

Charles & middot; Robert & middot; Darwin: 140000

the Darwin put forward the theory of evolution is super rich, died in 1883, 146911 pounds, the equivalent of today’s 13 million pounds. Darwin was born in a rich family, he himself is also a successful publishers, classics “on the origin of species” comes out is a world-class bestsellers, life never worry for money, so to speak. He wrote in his will, & other; I’m not afraid dead. I am only sorry, I don’t have the strength to continue my research. Throughout the &;

Thomas & middot; Holloway: heritage & other; The richest man & throughout;

from 1861 to 1941, between heritage most & other; The richest man & throughout; Who is it? Thomas & middot; Holloway (Thomas Holloway), obscure, a plaster. Holloway in 1837, 37, with mom a pan and kettle entrepreneurship in your kitchen, cook pharmaceutical cream, every successful wealth. He is the secret of advertising, to his death in 1883, holloway in advertising spending has reached 50000 pounds every year. After he died, however, scientists test results showed that those who almost does not contain any actual effect in the ointment of pharmaceutical ingredients.