Celebrity nude carving appeared in colleges and universities MoYanGan lulu put together lead to question (FIG.)

Sun Deying classmate and his nude sculpture.

the day before yesterday, on display at the art institute of xiamen university in the exhibition hall of Chen, dry lulu and MoYanSan nude statue of fire. Most visitors is not calm, have been all sorts of doubts. But the sculpture author & ndash; & ndash; University majoring in art college art students Sun Deying was as cool as a cucumber, & other; This is my graduation design! Throughout the &;

yesterday in xiamen university college of art exhibition hall, three nude statue conspicuous, annotated, they respectively Chen lulu and mo yan, and dry. Three sculpture size uniform, high 120 cm, are made of resin. Three statue, & other; Mo yan & throughout; Against the belly fat, face kind; & other; Chen & throughout; With $one hundred bills, smile; & other; Dry lulu & throughout; A fitness, stamped on the pink high-heeled shoes. In the creation of the speech, the author only wrote a few words: & other; Off, off, off & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

in fact, these sculptures are not only yesterday & other; Stand & throughout; To the showroom, but has been exhibited three or four days. In the exhibition hall, saw the exhibition some said & other; At first glance is very shocked & throughout; , also some think & other; Nothing, just the artistic creation & throughout; . But this group of sculpture photos are uploaded to the Internet, related & other; Look not to understand & throughout; , & other Hype & throughout; Questions such as follows.

the day before yesterday, the reporter interviewed the author Sun Deying sculpture class. Three statue, he says, is his graduation design, & other; Imagination is made & throughout; . Sun Deying said, this set of works & other; Actually very common, just use a celebrity face & throughout; . & other; Choose Chen, dry lulu and mo yan, not because I intentionally against them, but because they are more controversial three people. I want to express, they took off, there is no difference people & throughout; . Why put mo yan and dry lulu together? Sun Deying explanation, & other; So didn’t seem to be equal, appear without position & throughout; .

Sun Deying guidance teacher wang wei said, & other; This graduation design is a conceptual works, we can’t take it as character portraits. Throughout the &; So I don’t need to discuss work with character itself exactly & other How much & throughout; . Wang wei said, in fact, nude sculpture is very common in modern and contemporary art sculpture creation. In 2007, guangzhou academy of fine sculpture senior student graduation works of zeng is the nude sculpture, wang han nude sculpture emerged in the later. Wang wei believes that Sun Deying schoolmate’s creation is & other; Reduction in art as a famous & lsquo; People & rsquo; Original form, is the artists express their ideas, not in the criticism and vilified anyone & throughout; .