Celebrity personality epitaph: Ernest Hemingway said “I’m afraid I don’t get up”

a lot of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign celebrities epitaph is unique, different style, careful thinking, own character with these people and very fit.

gus: finally, a real adventure begins.

Hemingway: I don’t get up!

nie er epitaph from French poet rato verse: my ears like a shell, murmured in thinking of the sea.

George Bernard shaw: I already know that no matter how long I live, this kind of thing will happen.

stendhal: milan man Henry & middot; Bear sleeping on it. He used to live, writing, fall in love.

Newton once said: dying & other; I’m just a collecting shells children at the edge of the sea. Throughout the &; However, is greatly different its interest, engraved on the tombstone of the UK’s great scientists, is: & other; Dead people should congratulate yourself, because human produced such great decorations. Throughout the &;

mathematician maclaurin is Newton discovering and developing, his tombstone engraved with such six characters: thanks to Newton’s recommendations.

the epitaph of Shakespeare, is said to be his own writing: for the sake of Jesus, good friends, do not dig the loess under the coffin; Let me rest will receive god’s blessing, moved my bones will be the curse of the undead.

one of the world’s most exotic epitaph, should belong to the ancient Greek mathematician diophantine. His tombstone engraved with a riddle of math problem: & other; Passerby, buried in the stone tomb diophantine. 1/6 of his life is happy childhood, life is 1/12 of a teenager. He didn’t marry for life of 1/7. 5 years after marriage have a child, the child live to half the age his father died. After the child died, diophantine lived 4 years in deep sorrow, also ended the earthly life. Passers-by, do you know the diophantine age? Throughout the &;

in Russia, there is a young Sinologist called Peter rove. His research,, ba jin, Lao she, yu dafu, he has always been a lecturer, associate professor, even didn’t do it. After lost, in your tombstone only left a big Chinese characters: & other; Dreams & throughout; .

lu xun’s opponent in a debate as a cloud, beset by all sides, but the more enthusiasm, resolute, beat up & other; Reservoir dogs & throughout; , the righteous with the wicked & other; In the summer of three worm & throughout; And on a roll. His deathbed also wanting more, leaving the last words: & other; Don’t forgive. Throughout the &; The meaning of an afterlife and fight.

the epitaph of modern more show the features of times, people wrote this epitaph: system has collapsed, waiting repair restart & hellip; & hellip;