Celebrity restless behind: Einstein remains are stolen by anatomical Chaplin

Einstein’s brain tissue slices

napoleon was affiliated to visit its body

a phalanx of Galileo

in 1902, Lincoln’s coffin to bury.

even if living power block, day or well after many historical celebrities die still rare peace; Their bodies were later poured too much attention, even suffer hardships, become social naked interpretation of the material.

Venezuelan President Hugo chavez for the news of the crystal, many advocates of cannot always respects & other; Idol & throughout; The body feel disappointed, also somebody thinks, the controversial politician should be grave, further away from the distractions of earth.

not all celebrities die after can get the same treatment with Mr Chavez. As the American writer beth & middot; Lovejoy, in the new book “the limb was buried: celebrity body strange fate” as described in the book, the power and wisdom as life went on the contrary, quite a few big shot, he was highly respected its remains often no peace & ndash; & ndash; Be remembered for, become a political symbol, and even the mutilated oceanic smuggling, theft, and even into the trunk when the chair.


historians unanimously believe that the received the teachings of Aristotle, which has never tasted defeat the king of Macedonia, was buried in the place within the territory of Egypt. But today, has no one knows where his specific was buried.

according to historical records, in 323 BC, the age of 32, Alexander died in Babylon. The body was transported to the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis in the south of Cairo today (site), save for about 20 years, then reburied Alexandria founded in his hand. At the end of the 3rd century BC, the body was transferred to another cemetery.

reign of Rome, Julius Caesar and augustus big imperial city to visit, ironically, augustus bent down to kiss body, lost carelessly, Alexander’s nose.

Galileo & middot; Leroy somer (ng)

Galileo was due to adhere to the heliocentric theory have been church persecution, died in 1642 is still considered & other; The pagan & throughout; , no one dared to hold a decent funeral for him.

after nearly a century, is the scientific community junior unearthed the remains of his move to Florence’s Santa croce church marble tomb. In this process, someone just took some & other; Souvenirs & throughout; : a few fingers of Galileo, a tooth and a spine. This spine retains the university of padua in Italy, in 1905, the rest of the goods before and after the missing, it was not until 2009 in Florence, an auction to reproduce the world, is now collecting on Galileo museum.

Thomas & middot; Paine

paine is Anglo American thinker, political activists and radical democracy. After his death in 1809, because of a blunt challenge to religious organizations, his place in the United States can’t find the proper place of rest. The mourners had buried the paine in him in New York in a nearby farm. For 10 years, has criticized after paine, & other; Right & throughout; William & middot; Corbett, dug up the remains and will be back to Liverpool, England. He wanted to hold a decent funeral to paine, still without success.

in the past ten years, paine’s remains were stored in a suitcase in a period of time is also as a tailor’s stools, later by auction, disappeared in the public eye. 19 and 20 at the turn of the century, there was an abolitionist will paine returned to America, a big chunk of the skull is still buried in underground that farm in New York. In addition, paine the rest remains unaccounted for.

napoleon & middot; Bonaparte

after die island in 1821, & other; His majesty & throughout; ‘s body has been left out for 20 years to return to the motherland. What happened next was startling: to all the coroner won too much freedom, it cut off napoleon’s penis!

in 1916, this unusual & other; Baby & throughout; Along with the part of napoleon’s personal belongings for the auction in London. In 1927, French art museum in New York City, it changed hands several times since then and it was not until the 1970 s was a urologist collections in the United States, stored in a hidden in his suitcase under the bed.

the doctor was born in 2007 died, his daughter inherited ownership.

Lord byron

George & middot; Gordon & middot; Byron was born declining aristocracy family, is the history of British literature big role. Poet died in 1824 in Greece, officials suggest that he was buried, the highest point of the Parthenon, however, byron eventually return home.

prior to that, somehow, 5 doctors violently against byron’s wishes, the autopsy to him: removal of the brain, heart, lung and intestine, soak them into the large bottle filled with alcohol, and then suture body and anticorrosive processing.

what’s worse, Westminster Abbey to & other; Poor reputation among women & throughout; Grounds, refused to put the letters & other The dandy & throughout; Income poet cemetery in London. Byron was back to hakko, town, buried in the family cemetery.

in 1938, and rumors that question remains true and false, make big things, such as historians, doctors, and clerics team of 40 people once again have to fighting, hand dug grave, just to confirm the rest is byron himself.

Ludwig & middot; All & middot; Beethoven

as early as more than 20 years before he died, Beethoven was lamenting the decline in the letter, for the posterity be sure to his own death.

the autopsy report pointed out that the swelling is taken away the music wizard of life & ndash; & ndash; In today is but a little edema, was enough to kill you. Responsible for autopsy John & middot; Wagner doctor bad technique, cut the remains of the skull and check, after reduction and the effect is not ideal, this problem until 1863, Beethoven remains of the day in the future will see exposure.

is probably in order to study the reason of Beethoven’s hearing loss, the doctor also removed from the bodies of the ear bones, which was missing. 1863 years later, the body was placed in a new tomb, part of the bone fragments scattered in the outside, still in 1945 as an anthropologist’s private collection of small-scale exhibition.

in 1990, suspected of Beethoven’s ear bones near California; But it was not until 2005 that the researchers only through the study of the DNA of Beethoven’s a strand of hair, confirmed that the owner of this part of the bones.

Abraham & middot;

the 16th President of the United States after the assassination, did embalmed body, enshrined in springfield, Illinois, a carefully crafted in a marble tomb.

1876 election night, have outlaw trying to steal the body and attempted to force the government to release companions. Their wishful thinking eventually destroyed by the secret service, coincidentally, is responsible for the security of the White House’s established in Lincoln was killed on the day of the secret service.

is the little-known, Lincoln’s coffin to seen in 1901. As part of the security measures, the construction sector with reinforcing cage and concrete blocks on the casket seal processing. According to the following several Illinois officials visited the scene of a young boy, he took a peep body finally, surprised to find Lincoln’s body was preserved.

vladimir & middot; Lenin

the Soviet revolutionary leader resting place was ranked the least mysterious tomb beside the red square, every visitor can see Lenin’s body 5 minutes at a time. Although the day of the Bolshevik power has become history, the wax with a body will still be clean regularly, every 3 years will change a new clothes.

a 2011 poll shows that most of Russian public agreed to Lenin buried, but he didn’t hear that since there are further news.

Albert & middot; Einstein

why Einstein is so smart? Many people tried to find reasons from his brain structure. In 1955, the theoretical physicist, covered the 76 – year – old journey of Princeton university, a pathologist Thomas & middot; Harvey was carried out on the body the anatomy, and removal of Einstein’s brain, cut it into 200 pieces, hopes to solve the riddle of his genius.

over the years, the group after group of psychiatrists on Einstein’s brain repeatedly research, found the glial cells is very rich, parietal lobe and a wider than normal. In 2011, 46 loaded with Einstein’s brain tissue samples of glass, in Philadelphia, matt on public display for the museum.

Charlie & middot; Chaplin

it is well known that in order to get rid of the harassment of McCarthyism, Chaplin moved to Europe in the 1950 s. In 1978, just buried in 1.8 meters deep underground for two months, however, comedy master’s body was stolen cemetery in Switzerland, the suspect to his widow, demanding a ransom of $600000.

after five consecutive weeks of investigation, the local police arrested two men involved in the crime, fortunately, they just hid the body in the 1600 meters from the maize fields from Chaplin’s former residence. In the two criminals has been jailed for grave crimes at the same time, Chaplin’s body also has a reinforced concrete building & other; New & throughout; . IfengLogo Shi Chunshu