Centenarians on longevity: adhere to the “news broadcast” (FIG.)

old man and the part of the family photo.

this newspaper xianyang yesterday is sanyuan county Zhao Songshou old man’s birthday, a five generations living happy birthday for old people. Said the old man the secret of longevity, everybody said the family harmony is the most important.

birthday too noisy on the ear with tampon

sanyuan county hotel is a important guests yesterday, the old man Zhao Songshou county in the hundred years old birthday. Zhao Songshou claus is sanyuan county town residents, and she has three sons and one daughter 12, 9 grandchildren, grandson two grandchildren, is a big family of five generations. Generally the old man at this age, behind the ears can’t hear, but Zhao Songshou old man ear is very good, in program performance, but also because of too noisy on the ears with cotton balls. Queen, together with the old man’s grandson, ‘said the old man most like to watch the news broadcast, concerned, both at home and abroad and is watching TV.

Zhao Songshou said the old man, she ate a lot, didn’t go to school, can’t even write his own name, 17 years old get married marry, mainly to undertake the housework, after the liberation, also obligations as long lane, responsible for work, but no reward. She concluded her is bad-tempered, impatient, but told people are nasty is finished, don’t remember. Sons and they are strong, the education is very strict, also strict requirements on their own, even if ill also don’t let the grandchildren fed, even in the infusion bag or bottle, also to yourself, never trouble others. Family said, before the old man is his own cleaning his room health, later in their insistence, to let everybody is responsible for the cleaning.

the county a total of seven centenarians

family told reporters: & other; The old man’s life is very regular, every morning get up more than 9 points, and then I eat two eggs, 12 noon lunch to eat dinner at 5 PM, lunch and dinner is usually porridge and rice noodle. The old man’s appetite is very small, usually is half bowl. Because the old man’s stomach is bad, can’t eat hard, over the years often eat a kind of nutrition powder imported from the Netherlands to increase nutrition. The old man is usually a vegetarian, although also love to eat meat, but every time just add a little broth, meat. Throughout the &; According to introducing, the old man at the age of 88, also every day to the county stadium on four laps, at the age of 82 and into the kitchen to cook, but the old man had heart disease, premature often to be in hospital, but every time can save the day. The role of the second son of the old man took care doctor, every once in a while for the old man’s blood pressure, body temperature measurement, send a hospital in time when problems found.

in addition to diet and rest as well as the life, family, the reasons for longevity and the old man called family harmony is an important factor, grandchildren live in a big hospital, not only the unity, is filial piety the old man, every weekend old man family accompany her for a few hours playing mahjong.

the other according to the county civil affairs bureau staff, there are seven people in the county centenarians, six of them are women, the biggest this year at the age of 104.

article/photo journalists Yu Zhong tiger