Chai jing recollect the past: “surely not afraid” ten years ago but is often fly scold Chen


on December 22, guangzhou suffered intense cooling air, swire remit bookstore is almost boiling. Thousands of readers in the bookstore has draw the anchorman door, enter, just to catch a glimpse of CCTV reporters chai jing.

new bookmarks chai jing sale activity originally did not arrange the guangzhou station, & other; Think that there is no one watching CCTV & throughout; . But this night, the bookstore is because of her arrival in guangzhou near paralysis, the crowd from the door to a mall layer 2, 3. After the activity, the bookstore’s chief operating officer was taken to the police station to do the record, and make & other; No longer hold such activities throughout the &; Promise, otherwise will apply to & other; Endangering public security & throughout; Charges.

although insane by the readers, chai jing does not think they and their relations, is an idol and fans.

& other; I love you not because of who you, because you do & throughout;

if not published a new book “see”, chai jing don’t know what her readers a group of people.

Beijing xidan,

in a world of ice and snow and stand for four or five hours, some holding a book, some in memorizing words, and finally comes to his signature, tend to say a word to her: & other; Your hard work throughout the &; . A young reader said to her, & other; Lined for so long, I’m not in order to come to see you, just for the sake of what you do & throughout; . Chai jing will this scene wrote in his blog, said & other; Well, know & throughout; .

it is for this decade of the people, the reader willing to her a little to know each other, for her, this is the most important.

these years, more and more people like her, readers, chai jing group in the network to collect her words and show up. Have readers talking about her scarf, clothing, handbags, young girls on the Internet to write, & other; I also want to see her wearing the same red scarf & throughout; , because in the book of “see” ceremony, chai jing wore a red scarf. There are even claim to be chai jing fan readers, once rumor said on the Internet and other Chai jing was taken away by the police & throughout; , in the hope that in this way to increase the popularity for her.

but as a public figure, chai jing never reveal your personal life, for all sorts of rumors, she has almost no response. She said, the reader does not have to know these, & other; I see in my blog readers, it is not this kind of desire & throughout; .

in CCTV, because the people inside the

Chai jing,

ten years ago, more than 20 years of age, and surely not afraid, don’t want to work in any unit fixed, may not be in office and desk bound himself. She lives in Beijing, to hunan satellite TV & other; New youth & throughout; Columns on the show, do a period with a period which is equivalent to a freelance writer, no guarantee, but a lot of freedom. Chai jing also never wanted to go to CCTV, if not fly Chen played that a phone call to her.

for her at that time, love freedom, finally break the concerns, is CCTV that year’s annual meeting. Her freedom party in the annual meeting of the matter, especially love. New book launch, cui yongyuan, bai yansong, Leslie, and so on famous for his good friend, and let her find similar to the annual meeting of that kind of feeling. She likes with such a person, is they caught her into the CCTV.

in the CCTV, she always scold by Chen fly. Unconvinced, she said to the fly Chen, & other; I know I can reach degrees & throughout; . Now, recalled the oneself, she still smiled shyly, people in their early 20 s, for life is an illusion, always think people are climbing up, always feel that there’s another high life, as long as constantly longing, there is always another possibility exists. But to a certain age, after the matter, fall to the ground.

final interview after a SMS & other Win & throughout;

ten years ago she do interviews, always feel that this is a natural gift, & other; People are looking forward to me to ask & throughout; . Even she will be in the final after an interview, to director texts: & other; Win & throughout; . And now, the interview is no longer a game between her and interviewed, this work may contain offensive to the person, or a bit arrogant, & other; We don’t know, but today to sit down and I will ask you inner most secret things & throughout; .

she become milder, more loyal to the inner feelings, she asked, honestly speaking and & other; If I can bear, I would like to with you together & throughout; .

she also become more humble and cautious in life, not easily, avoid hasty conclusion. She is very cautious to group concepts, will no longer impression of guangzhou city to give her such big problem is given as thousands of words, but in a decade ago, adjectives and alliteration may blurt out already. In her eyes, and only a specific person, and specific to people who are left by the impression, what’s more, even the impression is changing.

coordinate system is the thing, not time

will soon come to an end in 2012. Chai jing has no concept of years, also seldom go to want to this point in time to see if there is special, her coordinate system is not the time, but the specific things. From 2003, what the journalists “investigative journalism”, experience & other; Two sessions to observe & throughout; And so on stage, she has been a decade of CCTV’s experience. The end of the year, chai jing moments of personal growth and China’s big event mix together write a new “see”. & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; From & other; Survey & throughout; To & other; Observe & throughout; To & other; See & throughout; , chai jing said it was step by step & other; Back & throughout; The line of sight flat, a little, back to the thing itself.

ten years ago, the office of the CCTV written on the blackboard every news reproduced rate, high transfer rate, the second day can be praised, or from criticism. Perhaps to eager to prove himself, then chai jing always wants to be the headlines, but also can always do it, because there are news resources. But slowly, she found that, if there is a strong purpose or utilitarian heart before, and actually do not good. Now, she is a lot of time for fun in doing things, rather than to success or failure, laid back attitude.

after watching her program and book, still some question she moved too easy to self, others questioned her about the complex social problems too true. Chai jing said, want to know that raises questions about exactly which self moving chapter, & other; Maybe that’s not self-knowledge & throughout; . But she also think, write, and he has nothing to do, only belongs to those who see it; And she just to be honest to write down their impressions of life.