Chang first appearance: the traditional Chinese painting derivatives has landscape teapot teacup (FIG.)

world & ndash; & ndash; Zen geared detian pot set.

qi baishi art space & ndash; & ndash; White cloth art series of the bag.

horse ying, cranes, carefree, the cases also can have a Chinese landscape painting. For six consecutive years wenbo will be at the venue, shenzhen ya chang gallery opening tomorrow night, there will be two art master qi baishi and chang’s derivatives, including chang derivatives will be the first appearance of the works.

master of art in life

according to introducing, ya chang & on display at the museum of the other; Qi baishi art space & throughout; Lasted three years, for the first time to China art master qi baishi art essence into system, into a scale into a cultural and artistic creativity derivatives. Of the most famous image of traditional Chinese painting, and chang will in miniature or zoom in form, printed in the teapot, tea cups, mugs, paperweight, environmental protection bags, cases, pencil, officially released during wenbo.

Ya chang group vice President of

黄宇飚 yesterday, an interview with our reporter said that Chinese paintings more embodies the visual graphic effects, and applied to some porcelain in figure color, ink and it’s not reasonable, need local gather the paintings segments by secondary processing, & other; Sometimes more rich content, some elegant taste than direct expression, we can have, do take give more concise performance & throughout; .

& other; Price range from a few yuan to thousands of yuan, the price is moderate, mainly is the master of arts in order to make into the common people the dribs and drabs of life. Throughout the &; He also revealed that the next step, the ya chang gallery program fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, Liu Yanshao, panting, artists such as xu beihong art gradually into a series of development into derivatives.

in addition, ya chang gallery held at the venue will also flow gallery & other; Culture throughout China &; Seven big series exhibition.