Chang had dinner in Taiwan zhang xueliang couple handwritten menu exposure

yesterday, was born in Taiwan by the writer zhang guoli book “dinner with chang” in nanjing xinjiekou xinhua bookstore. The lunar New Year in 1981, chang set dinner invite zhang xueliang couples to have a meal, also invited chang chun a bunch of old friends. Chang and handwritten menu to cook in person. Results this was originally scheduled to be held on the first meal, dragged her into the 16 to eat. Zhang guoli, a professor at the university and nanjing Yu Bin and readers together talking about the funny story.

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& other; Chang is a hospitable people, often in the home to hold banquets, important guest he will personally buy vegetables, cooking. Throughout the &; Say to the painter chang’s story, there are many legends, but why should chang fete zhang xueliang, a lot of people don’t understand. To unravel the mystery, still have to speak of from the source of writing a book, & other; One day I go to Taipei shuangxi & lsquo; Se, Maya & rsquo; Chang’s former residence visit, a menu attracted me, look this is chang, is introduced as a zhang xueliang couples. I’m curious, then find out, the menu with the original rich by Taiwan, chang fan Barry lam to nt $2 million. There must be a story. Throughout the &; Zhang guoli said he is young when reporters interviewed zhang xueliang, always wanted to write a book about him, to see the menu, he finally began to write. Aside Yu Bin pick up words, & other; And than zhang, you are very lucky, she also wanted to interview zhang xueliang, but haven’t had the chance. Throughout the &;

zhang guoli, told reporters he attended to revive the middle school, high school from zhang xueliang peitou residence is only 50 meters under house arrest, he often cut class after his girlfriend, to avoid teacher, around the hills, & other; I often can see zhang xueliang couples to go for a walk in the yard, said zhang xueliang was pointing at me, & lsquo; Boy, you played hooky again & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Did not think zhang guoli later when a reporter to interview him, zhang xueliang also mention playing truant. Zhang guoli, said chang when I heard that zhang xueliang in mainland China likes to buy his paintings, still buy a fake picture. To Taiwan after he see zhang xueliang had a very poor, often send pictures to him, then he go to the United States need money, mainly by selling chang.

& other; Wilt chamberlain & throughout; Let the seventh rumbled

zhang guoli, stressed that the menu is real, this meal is true, but many of the characters and the plot is imaginary. Interestingly, he says, at the beginning of the meal from big yituo to just eat. In 1981, the mainland is actively reform and opening up, has put forward & other; Tee & throughout; Called on, Taiwan is very nervous, fear of what zhang xueliang, a whole monitoring during the Spring Festival. Then is the kuomintang yuan Lao zhang group of to, to contribute to this meal. Later, zhang guoli access to information found that the day be ms lisa lu fete of the famous actors.

& other; Chang do show back in the United States, Taiwan newspapers a slip of the pen write the wilt chamberlain, chang zhang xueliang after see quipped: & lsquo; You are stronger than me, you are the prince, I’m jong & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Zhang guoli text and simple life, but also the best way to restore the taste of life with old age. And he said, & other; Real zhang xueliang how, we don’t know, even if the real contact with him, I go, may also can learn a thing or two. He is a whole lot of people, even his oral history, also is not necessarily true history. But he impressed me most is sincere. Throughout the &;

it is reported, 2013 Shanghai book fair & & other; Elegant throughout China &; Shanghai weeks will on August 14 solstice 20 held in Shanghai exhibition center, the Shanghai century Wen Rui book starting in nanjing, it is also one of Shanghai edition boutique book tour exhibitions.

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