Chen: a material of China can make lu xun was dumbfounded

specially wrote a book a proverb to big Mr Chen, accompanied with text is a few decades. In the heart, he will be supposed to lu xun a man with very good, his so-called & other; Miss & throughout; Is a series of the spirit of dialogue with lu xun.

& other; Twenty years ago, about lu xun are the affairs of state, his portraits in the great hall of the people and chairman MAO’s as big. Now, he finally returned to the folk. Throughout the &; Chen thinks, nearly 20 years the official and folk no longer worship at the altar offerings of lu xun, he no longer was prepared. However, & other; The alienation of the fuzziness and the first 50 years of hot & lsquo; Lu xun’s political & rsquo; , are abnormal. Throughout the &;

apparently, China very different from the ones of today’s China and lu xun’s era, a material of modern Chinese foot can make lu xun stunned & ndash; & ndash; Lu xun’s early wearing trousers for winter in Beijing, no enjoy air conditioning; Lu xun sit so pot-holed roads, out along the highway; He advocated abandoning brushes, but never dreamed of computer; His collection in a lot of nude art collection in the world, it is a pity to see today’s miniskirt bikini & hellip; & hellip; & other; A values lost China, of course, also made lu xun was speechless. Throughout the &;

Chen said, lu xun is a pen as a weapon of the warrior, his spirit core is the critical spirit, and that is exactly what we need today.

& other; Our society, is far from perfect the degree does not need to criticize, but where is our critical spirit? Unit, muddle, the crowd more and more, adhere to the principle of less and less; In society, people pursue & lsquo; Claptrap, hang high & rsquo; , & lsquo; More than the less about & rsquo; ; Academia, full of experts and scholars of social elite, and who has lobbied for should take the lead for the social and public interests, they ass worm is more and more, the saliva battle play more and more fierce, often some let people chilling comments; Media, a lot of attention is some boring trifles and star, vulgar tend to become the mainstream of public opinion, some media even the best of the flames and guide capabilities, purpose only to attract attention. Throughout the &;

& other; Lu xun is the most precious quality of three & lsquo; Refuse collected & rsquo; & ndash; & ndash; & lsquo; Refuse collected by system, refused to be collected culture system, refused to incorporate into anyone & rsquo; . And this kind of independent spirit, very active in today’s most intellectuals, had disappeared. Throughout the &; Chen thinks, maybe a lot of people think the reality is can not change, said a useless, might as well do not say, so choose the numbness.

in this should appear & other; Contemporary lu xun & throughout; Under the condition of inaction, can only out of lu xun’s his old man’s house, please. & other; 70 years of history, the plot is the precious resources we read lu xun, because his flame, need our age in the background. Throughout the &; Chen concluded, & other; In other words, lu xun had burned himself, his value may be illuminated, it should be us. Throughout the &;