Chen: I have no ambition to drawing ambitious in writing (FIG.)

Chen appeared jinan speech. WenGuoDong taken

the night before last, a famous painter and literary critics Chen held in jinan university lectures on “reading and writing”, for the visit of the culture celebrities, & other; Fans & throughout; They lined up as early as a few hours before the start of the lecture the winding dragon.

this lecture in a relaxed atmosphere gradually into the theme. Chen said, from tsinghua university, tsinghua university students invited him to go back to give a lecture, many times to & other; Nexus & throughout; ; His playful seminars for many years of experience: & other; To the interaction time, every time all sorts of problem comes, including women, how to find a boyfriend, maintain body problem came, I like nonsense, any question can be & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Chen also laughing, said himself on several occasions to avoid & other; Be entertainment & throughout; And become a & other; Be known throughout the &; .

about reading: reading & other; Consider oneself in the wrong & throughout;

Chen modesty, said he was not educated, from the point of view of education did not even went to junior high school.

about reading, Chen to share their two ideas: one, reading & other; Consider oneself in the wrong & throughout; The more, rather than self-righteous, read it, what I don’t know. Second, to borrow the title of the British writer Virginia Woolf room of one’s own, every book is his own room. & other; I believe that everyone has a kind of impulse, as a young look forward to have a room of my own, have their own independent space. Throughout the &;

Chen said, how many times did the recruit students, encountered heavy books such as the lives of young people, but also met a doctoral student reading quantity is little. & other; When I recruit Dr Have published a paper, ask their biggest influence what book, a doctoral student said had heard of a dream of red mansions, there is no reading; Another very terrible, he says it is the story of area. So that students should also to take an examination of Dr. Throughout the &;

young people how to read? Chen give their answer: & other; He had had to deliver a speech caused great controversy. He advised young people read western books, read, or don’t read Chinese. Throughout the &; Chen said that when it comes to the problem of reading again today and will repeat these words, although very heavy. & other; I recently just know, actually this sentence is not LuXunXian, in the words he said more than half a century ago, a great scholars of the qing dynasty, called wu rulun, he also expressed the idea that in addition to the ancient language of “, China’s ancient books are required. Throughout the &; Chen thinks, this idea is actually reflects the intellectuals in China to the whole knowledge system of despair and irony.

& other; Young people should be how to read? My attitude is very simple, not superstition reading, don’t promote reading; Don’t belittle reading, and don’t push up reading. Throughout the &; Chen said.

about writing: social & other personal expression; Deification & throughout; The

writing on Chen seems to be very personal things, he said with a smile, as a direct result of his writing is afraid to go to the bookstore later. & other; I would like to the bookstore, but by 2005, his book in the bookstore also sell, I have a kind of hard to explain psychology, no longer want to go to the bookstore, very embarrassed to see their own books in there, too. Throughout the &;

Chen said, just an amateur writer. & other; The so-called spare not time. Over the years, I save time on writing about more than painting, so is to find a way to come back. Throughout the &; He said he had never written a book in a strict sense, in addition to the New York of zobah, and the excess material force is a book, other basic is patchy and not system, academic background is not very reliable, so writing in a state of amateur.

& other; I have no ambition in writing, I have ambition on drawing. What’s the ambition? I can’t more than Picasso, not more than xu beihong, but I think more than myself, or more than some of my peers. Throughout the &; Chen said, for painting, my heart die, although older, but always feel the best thing has not been drawn.

& other; For painting, I how every picture, there is always a standard, there is a process of pursuit. Can be in writing, if do not have this process. So I feel I am amateur writer, I would not be suited to this matter. Throughout the &; Chen said that his writing, because more dare to tell the truth, and truth is writing a bottom line.

& other; Read to me, is the inner life. Write to me, is a personal expression. I think the whole society to reading, writing, speaking too sacred, but in my experience, is not the case. Throughout the &; Chen said.