Chen lei feng contentious living sculpture By reputation “lei feng”

Chen lei feng living sculpture

as inheritance lei feng’s spirit, advancing the normalized learn lei feng activities, hunan satellite TV “the front is still the king of the” show recently held in Beijing the special memory of lei feng salon activities, program invited claims & other; China’s national capital & throughout; Chen guangbiao, the scene has a performance artist on the spot make Chen as a statue of lei feng living sculptures, caused controversy.

Chen has said on many occasions he is lei feng’s fans, it was also under the infection of lei feng’s spirit with their own actions to help others.

in the afternoon was hunan TV section is to discuss & other; The practical significance of the lei feng’s spirit & throughout; Theme salon, invited scholars, entrepreneurs, such as gathered, analyzed the contemporary, learning lei feng lei feng’s personal problems, such as activities midway, artist ShuYong Chen will be in a hurry came dressed as head of handheld steel classic image of lei feng, lei feng’s cap and spontaneous to Chen presented & other Age of lei feng & throughout; Certificate, to this, ShuYong said this is his evaluation of the elder brother: & other; From the level of art, Chen charity behavior itself out over the years has become a kind of cultural behavior, we need to research and discovery. Throughout the &; The show will be aired in 8.