Chen zhongshi: “white deer” inspired by hearing voices Tian Xiaoe is terrible memories

Chen zhongshi

in the history of Chinese contemporary literature, novel “white deer” undoubtedly has important position. In 2012, the movie “white deer” difficulties and tested, finally released.
For 20 years, is what feelings let white deer always affects people’s hearts? In the process of “white deer” creation, Chen zhongshi experienced how his identity? For the film “white deer”, the author is satisfied with? Chen zhongshi is how to evaluate to the movie after the realization of novel characters?
Recently, the “Yang LAN interview on land in guanzhong plain, and the famous writer Chen zhongshi talk, tells the story of white deer’s feelings for us.
novel to the film, white spirit still
will novel “white deer” made into a film, including zhang yimou and Chen kaige, many directors have had the idea of cooperation have originally talking about is very deep, but due to various reasons, eventually go away.
I most like to film director and screenwriter can understand the heart of the novel, I hope to be able to show a novel describing the real, and people’s spirit and journey white deer.
For now, the movie, the main character in small moths Bai Jiaxuan hotan performance is good and bad. Is good to see the details in the novel of visual performance, felt a shock in the heart, as for the bad, and not the actor playing badly, but the novel writing can leave readers many imagination, on the film is very intuitive. Of course, this also can understand, the film can only way.
I am relief after the three and a half hours of the “white deer” movie, don’t feel tired, said on the whole, is a good movie adaptation.
cross advice, to be bold and creative
when creating the novel “the white deer, a small note, I once wrote himself with ten words & ndash; & ndash; Don’t shy away from, tore open write, do not do the bait.
Because when we are young, ethos is conservative, problems are especially sensitive to the men and women, I was in the countryside when cadres at the grass-roots level, if in the office for a female comrade, the door must be open, let everybody can see that fear out what gossip, then that is feudal. So I began to write novels, also avoid for men and women, love, marriage, family. But when he wrote “white deer”, especially wrote Tian Xiaoe, think of the burden of mental and psychological carries Tian Xiaoe, determined, decided not to shy away from love, not only does not shy away from, and the tear to write, to tear apart the most rotten shady in our traditional feudal culture, to write well. As for don’t do bait, this is one of my basic criterion, is to describe the things between men and women, only the spiritual world of the figures for the service, but can never as bait to attract readers.
to write a book & other; Epic & throughout;
to write “white deer”, for all my life I love literature, love writing, will be writing to the professional creation of hobbies, have most, always want to should give yourself a replacement.
Once, and friends talked about “white deer” idea, I said by the booze, hope to be able to write for himself a book as pillow mat coffin. One day I died, the coffin to put such a book, also is enough, no matter whether it will impact on the world, as long as it can let oneself happy, can live up to this lifetime favorite literature.
In order to write “white deer”, I ran up and down, and review of historical data, 4 years, I finally finish it. In the process, has experienced the painful self, for our generation of writers, this is not an easy thing, after all the past can only write something big, from big to return to real life, the artistic truth, this is from a & other; Left & throughout; Literature concepts to the real literary concept, it is very difficult, want to rely on constantly reading and in the face of life, slowly spun off himself.
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