Chengdu in the first library of “reality” : no book “borrow” read to you

real public library to read, only people without books.

Beijing, chengdu, March 22 (humic) in many people the impression in the paper, perhaps in the network. Now do you want a change of view, however, in reality, in the library every man is a book. On March 22, the reporter comes to chengdu, a period of 35 hongxing road creative industrial park, visit the chengdu first & other; Reality library & throughout; , to reporter surprised there are no books.

& other; Reality library, actually is not a single entity, it is just a virtual concept. Throughout the &; Reality of library staff Korea Lian tells a reporter, reality is the library the company a creative planning, they do real library is to build a communication platform.

& other; Reality only in the public library to read, open, every time there will be a topic. Throughout the &; Korea Lian introduces to the reporter that the reality the library before the opening, they will be released on the Internet search & other; Book & throughout; Information, to find suitable for this phase of the theme of human & other; Book & throughout; . Find & other; Book & throughout; Later, the reader can registration appointment of posts and telecommunications.

in the library of reality, people like in the traditional sense of the library, but the reality of the books in the library can’t borrow. & other; By the time the opening, 2 to 3 borrowed to read the book together. Throughout the &; Korea Lian says, this kind of reading is to the reality & other; Book & throughout; To communicate face to face, just reading time had better not more than an hour.

in an interview, the reporter was met with a real person & other Book & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Mr. Mr Is chengdu a Chinese as a foreign language teacher training institutions. In a few days ago, a & other; Career choice & throughout; As the theme of the reading public, Mr As a book of Chinese as a foreign language & other; Book & throughout; Outside, for the readers to read the Chinese language knowledge.

& other; Someone want to go abroad, college students want to study abroad, in this way can learn about the profession. Throughout the &; Mr Tells a reporter, real library is a new way of communication. & other; Have a topic to read you a life, read your experience knowledge. Throughout the &;

how reality library operation, the reporter learned that the current reality of library reading activities are free, after income comes mainly from advertising sponsorship and activity to lose.

now, reality library also actively participate in public welfare activities. In April, according to Korean Lian they will also organize a to & other; Take care of children with autism & throughout; As the theme of public reading activities. The