Chengdu unearthed stone beast speculation or one thousand is bing water conservancy “god beast”

stone animal modelling extremely MOE, local ACTS the role of a roll cloud patterns.

beast’s body to the other side was gouge.


west China metropolis daily reporter Wang Haoye Cheng Yuyang yong ping Yang tao photography

@ west China metropolis daily:

in the past two years, buried under the tianfu square tower the beast will now archaeological river’s lake, will cause master factions fight. So-called no argument is not academic, stone animal origin is still a mystery now, west China metropolis daily specially consulted archaeological experts, “big beast’s guess” drama. The reader are seen at the same time, might as well also to repeat this drama.

The beast

one thousand

made in qin and han dynasties, at least 1793 years old downtown hiding

more cultural relics unearthed along the testified that tianfu square since ancient times is the flourishing city centre zone

a statue of deeply buried, & other Through & throughout; The one thousand stone god beast, recently in chengdu tianfu square beside its northeast sichuan opera site was excavated. & other; In one thousand the beast & throughout; What animal? What has a history of it? Yesterday afternoon, chengdu, chengdu institute of cultural relics and archaeological task force of experts held a conference at the scene.

the fog shrouded in stone beasts of dissipating at the same time, around the beast’s identity, sichuan archaeology experts also started the discussion. The surprise was at the scene of the excavation, archaeological experts unearth the warring states period, han, three kingdoms, jin, sui and tang dynasties, the dynasties of song, yuan, Ming and qing era of cultural relic, tianfu square at the heart of the chengdu plain, again focus on the eye.

Decrypt the

it, buried in western jin dynasty about 2000 years old, born in qin and han dynasties

yesterday afternoon, the reporter in tianfu square and saw the stone in building site of sichuan opera, the site there is four or five agents in the middle of the square, the beast in the deepest one. Reporters saw, stone animal ears, eyes, jaw and nose clear, local adornment roll cloud pattern, short limbs, round the body. The archaeological site manager, chengdu institute of cultural relics and archaeology assistant researcher said we, stone carved from blocks of red sandstone, 3.3 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, 1.7 meters high, weighing about 8.5 tons.

according to its judging, unearthed stone animals buried under formation in west jin dynasty. Buried in the qin dynasty, the earliest buried in the late western jin dynasty, but it s early in the western jin dynasty. & other; Line is straightforward succinct modelling of primitive simplicity, the decorative pattern, and after the eastern han dynasty the contents will be more delicate, so that the beast s early monastery, qin and han dynasties. Throughout the &; Why do the beast was buried? We say, speculation should be buried, and dynastic change about at the moment.

we introduced, beast’s downtown chengdu unearthed the earliest is probably the largest round stone carving, has a very high art and archaeological research value.