Chiang kai-shek lust “exotic” exposure, the woman gave birth to Jiang Wei countries with Japan

Chiang kai-shek’s affair

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exotic lust: Japan’s cohabitation

on April 3, 1919 diaries have such records: & other; In the afternoon, and the filling time mother and son to visit JiTao on its “. Walks the park. Throughout the &; Mother mentioned here Chiang Jiang Wei countries, refers to the mother Yao Yecheng, while Jiang Wei the birth mother, after the efforts proved to be a Japanese woman called heavy sigh of gold. The Chiang kai-shek took the young Jiang Wei countries to visit tai chi-tao wrote, there are some kind of meaning.

1. Chiang never touch jin deep michiko

when it comes to Jiang Wei countries and heavy gold relationship, it is only natural that the contact relationship to Chiang kai-shek and heavy loose gold. On October 25, 1919, Chiang kai-shek suddenly take a ship from Shanghai to Japan. Historical materials on Chiang’s visit to Japan, have all sorts of different records, all kinds of different versions. Some people even put the Chiang kai-shek’s trip with heavy sigh of gold. , Taiwan’s kuomintang party historiographers “Jiang Gong Chiang yearbook of the republic of China, but otherwise, it describes the main whereabouts Chiang kai-shek, the Japanese tour are as follows: 1. Visit the kuomintang made in Japan and Japan’s military and political friends; 2. Visit yokohama, Japanese culture; 3. In yokohama, random house books; 4. Write “governments around the world to deal with the means of the Russian labor” and “break diplomatic superstition” and so on; 5. On November 26, back to Shanghai.

visible from the record, the Chiang kai-shek went to Japan, no matter the official event can be, but to visit the house and write articles, actually these things he didn’t go to Japan, also can be done in Shanghai. To friends and relatives in Japan, may be the main purpose of Chiang kai-shek’s trip. But unfortunately, little jiang which is written in his diary, records of Taiwan’s nationalist party historiographers is very brief. What does this to want to meet the

? Fortunately, in the Chiang diaries manuscript book, found that a brief account of & ndash; & ndash; On November 4, 1919, (that is, Chiang arrived in Japan the following day), Chiang kai-shek diary records the following contents:

& other; In the afternoon, the female weft heavy loose Kim. Throughout the &;

related to heavy sigh of gold content, jiang syllabus, only a handful of just ten words! But the ten words already very can illustrate this: one, jiang confessed Jiang Wei biological mother is Japanese; Second, Chiang kai-shek met with heavy loose gold familiar; Three, until 1919, when Chiang kai-shek with heavy gold remained relatively close ties. Since the heavy gold and Chiang kai-shek so understand, it is the mother of the Jiang Wei countries, so the Japanese woman with Chiang kai-shek actually what is the relationship? It is said to the kuomintang yuan LaoDai JiTao.

tai chi-tao wrote in 1943 in chongqing, in the face of one evening news reporters came to interview, has publicly voiced when he was in Tokyo, the relationship between a Japanese female nurses. From tai chi-tao wrote this public speech, can listen to the words: look Jiang Wei countries is not as widely, department of tai chi-tao wrote with a Japanese woman. The tai chi-tao wrote himself admitted: Jiang Wei of Chiang kai-shek and the Japanese woman, this is by far the most direct evidence. Remarkably, the relation with Chiang kai-shek in Japan have been cohabiting, then is the son of Jiang Sheng down the Japanese woman, whether she came to Japan in 1919, Chiang kai-shek met with heavy loose when gold?

in February 1946, the Hong Kong daily news, once published an article entitled “biological mother who Jiang Wei countries?”, this article signature said: & other; Chiang kai-shek on the eve of the revolution, and Chen Yingshi, Dai Chuanxian (i.e. tai chi-tao wrote & ndash; & ndash; Successively came to Japan, such as injection), they met in the Japanese geisha abyss michiko, tianjin home, and become friends. Tianjin deep michiko and close connection between Chiang kai-shek and Dai Chuanxian. Dai Chuanxian romantic gift, nice, patient take liberties with tour, michiko in Dai Chuanxian than Chiang kai-shek is fall in love, after follow around the living together. Soon gave birth to a son, a Dai Anguo. 1915 Dai Chuanxian settled with deep michiko back to Shanghai, tianjin, the following October 6, tianjin deep michiko second son, namely Chiang kai-shek of the second Jiang Wei countries now. Chiang kai-shek in 1919 for his deceased brother Jiang Zhou (Jiang Ruiqing) LiSi, follow mother Wang Cai jade, will spread through the adoption to Jiang Zhou his firstborn, therefore, Chiang kai-shek request to adopt his son, to Dai Chuanxian Dai Chuanxian answered, Chiang kai-shek called weft, it and pay the muscle Yao Yecheng raising. Allegedly, the Japanese geisha jin deep michiko also gave birth to a girl in 1920. When the warlords, Dai Chuanxian due to busy, have to the baby to the wealthy businessmen in Shanghai YanBoCheng couples parenting, named yan Yi Fang, sister of this woman should be Jiang Wei countries. Tianjin deep michiko original settle in China, after because of political instability, and also because Dai Chuanxian part in revolutionary activities, migration, michiko then returned to Japan in 1920. Until to complete China’s northern expedition, the exotic feeling becomes extinct. But Dai Anguo and Jiang Wei countries because of the family, always let Dai Chuanxian of suspense. Throughout the &;

Hong Kong tabloid newspaper, then I do not know through what channels, the official residence of the table and sent to the huangpu road. Song read this newspaper, nature is a vinegar sea wave big fight.