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Picasso, gifted scavengers

& other; 2011 Picasso throughout China exhibition &; The expo in Shanghai in recent China pavilion was unveiled, 62 Picasso reproductions from Picasso museum in Paris, France & other; Through & throughout; Came to China, on display for three months: “sculptor”, “DORA, portrait, of the woman in a red armchair appearance of Picasso’s masterpiece will appear.

the earliest exhibition is a painting by pablo Picasso finished painting the barefoot girl at the age of 14, the nearest one is the “Sunday” in 1971, when the painter has 90 – year – old, contains this batch of paintings by pablo Picasso works of each period, from youth to old age for us a clear outline of this master’s life, make another annotation to Picasso’s art life & hellip; & hellip;

in the shipment of art & other; Luxury & throughout; , with the eight special plane, the insurance amount to billions. However, the & other; Lonely genius & throughout; In Shanghai did not immediately gain popularity to match with attention, people are more willing to talk about his infatuation woman’s way of life, and those associated with Picasso entanglements of woman, often can see in the exhibition.

China, Picasso ever come

don’t be to have no opportunity to his Chinese friend, artist Zhang Ding has suggested that Picasso in 1956 do honorary citizen of China, to invite him to China to see see. But that day, dressed in shorts and vest artist said after thinking for a long time & other; Chinese too good, but too old, afraid to China after the (art) have a big change, can’t stand it. Throughout the &; So no.

however on October 18, & other 2011 Picasso throughout China exhibition &; When opening, using holographic projection technology, round head, disheveled hair, some of the fat Picasso unexpectedly & other; Through & throughout; In the Shanghai expo garden pavilion, finish the trip to China have not completed.

for Picasso such a world-class artist, his work was destined to him I have never walked through the road. As early as in 1983, the President of France mitterrand, a visit to China, brought the 25 Picasso works exhibition in China, in 2005, Beijing has also hosted a large-scale version of Picasso exhibition. But none can and the Shanghai & other; Picasso exhibition & throughout; The size of the & ndash; & ndash; 48 paintings, 7 7 panel paintings and sculpture is a total of 62 pieces, 50 Picasso life photography, as well as a three-month extension & ndash; & ndash; In a sense, Picasso has really come.