China dinosaur fossils sparked international media attention Confirmed that the birds by the evolution of dinosaurs (FIG.)

artist’s a group of gorgeous feather wang lung and two accident north dragon (lower left). BrainChoo drawing

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foreign media debate is not as warm feathers or otherwise he; The experts also agree that found that birds evolved from dinosaurs

on April 4th, the British journal nature published a study from China: Chinese scientists discovered the largest in northeast China feathered cretaceous dinosaur fossils & ndash; & ndash; & other; Gorgeous plumage wang lung & throughout; Fossils.

fossil discoveries led to a foreign media attention, the United States the New York times, the Christian science monitor “, “national geographic” and the media, such as Britain, the daily mail reported on in the prominent position.

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scientists think that the dinosaurs were tyrannosaurus rex Cousins, such as its feathers are used to keep out the cold. Nature that gorgeous plumage of wang lung found more evidence of dinosaur feathers fact, more important is that it can directly prove, in the early stages of the evolution of feathers feathered dinosaurs phenomena are very common.

the scientific American magazine, according to a newly discovered feathered dinosaur in China is like a car, so large volume is rare.

however, cretaceous climate is hot, larger dinosaurs for heat dissipation difficulties and frustration, and thus, a scientist says these feathers just to beautiful. The article said, if scientists are able to find more in the heat of the cretaceous period of geological layer large feathered dinosaur, otherwise he can prove that the dinosaur feathers may.

England “daily post” the article said, the new discovery was controversial hairy dinosaur. Article speculated that this dinosaur feathers may not be warm, but for the protection of the skin.

bird by the evolution of dinosaurs beauty experts agree with the

the United States “the Christian science monitor,” quips, tyrannosaurus rex put on feather also cruel? Citing Washington Smith museum of natural history curator Hans & middot; Deere & middot; Seuss’s words, & other; A furry meat ball on the ground running around hunting, is too interesting. Throughout the &;

one of the team members, shenyang normal university institute of paleontology professor hu DongYu said that the findings will be strong evidence of birds evolved from dinosaurs.

Hans agree with this view, he said, feathered dinosaur is widely found in the 1990 s, is this why? Dinosaurs were the ancestors of birds in the early speech seems to explain this. Or in front of the dinosaur extinction, the existence of feathered dinosaurs & other; Paving the way for later birds appear throughout the &; .

reports that, until now, a lot of the feathers found the relatively small size of dinosaur fossils, it also suggests that some information related to the flying birds. Reported last said the China discovered feathered dinosaur is very may be different, because the size of dinosaurs to more than 40 times larger than before. This is likely to overturn previous theoretical basis. Wen/reporter ciro