China into the world’s largest jade bet stone market Mainly distributed in coastal areas

a stone inside contain huge opportunity to get rich.


according to incomplete statistics of related specialists, as China’s economy to maintain high-speed growth, China’s consumers growing demand for jewelry and jade article, since the Chinese jewelry jade article annual output value over two hundred billion yuan last year, China has become the world’s largest jade jade consumer market. Chinese jade wool annual demand and runs nearly ten thousand tons, processing millions from personnel of course of study, processing base spread all over the country, scale is on the rise, China has become the world’s largest jade jade processing base.

the prosperity of Chinese jade jade market, led to the rapid development of modern industry and the speed of processing scale, thus the domestic emerald bet stone market prosperity. After recent years development the emerald bet stone market from low to high tide, from the border with myanmar development to guangdong coastal and throughout the country, the emerald bet stone markets rise and fall several times change, from the start development & rarr; Mature growth & rarr; Prosperity and stability, and formed a new pattern of the emerald bet stone market.

the present distribution pattern in the emerald bet stone market, mainly distributed in economically developed coastal areas. And main famous emerald bet stone market: guangdong ping chau, guangzhou, jieyang, shenzhen, sihui, tengchong of yunnan, yingjiang, ruili and, Beijing, Shanghai, henan nanyang and ascending, as well as Hong Kong, a total of 14 emerald bet stone market.

in guangdong province is currently the country’s largest emerald bet stone market. Its main characteristic is the emerald bet stone market size is big, bet stone manufacturers, most bet stone of high grade, high maturity of the market, the emerald bet stone market economy more developed, surrounding emerald wool merchants benefit is best, most market the most peripheral processing base. IfengLogo (lindadhl d)