China over the past 10 years millions a natural villages disappeared: don’t go to the home (FIG.)

often south pit village

Zhong Zhaowu eating alone

south pit village is almost empty. In addition to delineate Zhong Zhaowu, the village no longer have anyone. Story of the village, also become fragmented, scattered.

village is located in the northwest of jiangxi, belonging to anyi county, only 80 km from provincial capital of nanchang in jiangxi province. Since last summer, the south is only Zhong Zhaowu a pit village. Before long, his wife to anyi county city for the second son took the child, the original 32 families, 136 people of the village, leaves Zhong Zhaowu and his daughter of life cannot provide for oneself.

a day early to middle, the roof of the house of Zhong Zhaowu always rising smoke, suggests that along with the family. But looked around in, all the grass and leaves, and the neighborhood spider webs on the doors and Windows, narrates the depression of the village.

if it weren’t for the thin body, short of the old man was still here, south pit village would like those already gone village, away from people’s memory.

the past 10 years, China lost natural villages millions.

& other; Maybe before long, I also want to move out. I now is in their day. Throughout the &; A 65 – year – old Zhong Zhaowu sitting in front of the empty land, in and out of the village roads with a glassy stare. This article narrow cement road, carrying his greatest expectations. He is always looking forward to, someone can walk into the village, and his talk day & ndash; & ndash; In that case, time will be hurry up.

can walk to go, do not leave this place people

, and pursued my vovage Zhong Zhaowu is getting up from his bed and went into the kitchen to make a fire to cook. Smoke rises, south pit village a day’s story began.

Zhong Zhao Wu Ziran is the protagonist of the story, his daughter, 38, and he will raise chickens, two dogs, 4 just the supporting role of the story. Hero out of time, the south pit village almost no story.

breakfast he never vague, be sure to fry a few dishes, for nothing. Many years ago, he was in the nearby highway took a temporary job, responsible for maintenance of highway. This is a manual work, don’t eat rice, last morning.

well, after breakfast Zhong Zhaowu standing on & other; Crunching & throughout; Ring of wood stair, climb up to the second floor, and then stepped over a period of & other; Crunching & throughout; Ring of the floor, to wake up his daughter, and told her to wear good clothes. Daughter still in swaddling clothes, had a high fever & other; Burned out throughout the brain &; . Now, her mouth can only spit out a few simple syllables, the life cannot provide for oneself, even do not know the changes in temperature, on the father to take care of all.

daughter downstairs, Zhong Zhaowu give her put on a sweater, on the content of several meal, is on a red electric tricycle to work. With his dog & the other; Huang & throughout; . Where he goes, huang go. Even if he ride a bike to the county 25 kilometers, huang also followed all the way.