China received a total of 620 women cut strands feeding kiss at the latest one for his mother

shares, writings in classical style is the middle finger of the thigh, after referring to all of the meat. & other; Cutting stock & throughout; Is to cut down others to feed his own flesh. There is no lack of people in the history of Chinese eat people, but & other; Cutting stock & throughout; Is different, this is a kind of active behavior, nobody force you must do it, if force, also forced himself.

one of the most famous cut strands, is about the spring and autumn when the duke wen chong ‘er vassel jie zitui. A group of people, rush about in the way of escape, hunger, jie zitui from her lap cut a piece of meat, meat soup feed chong ‘er, thereby achievements a & other; Implemented throughout the &; .

this is a choice, have no choice but to cut meat, is better than all starved to death. And history on a large number of records & other; Cutting stock & throughout; , is not food, but when the medicinal.

“high to county annals”, & other; Venn, bell and his wife, impotent disease, GuPin cannot provide liquid form, woven seats for the, one hundred more. One day, the medical cloud, people can be more meat. Cut strands of feeding, her husband did not know also, gen collapse cannot).more specifically, his daughter, the registration form. Throughout the &; Venn husband got sick, the doctor said human flesh can be cured, Venn cut a piece for her husband to eat without hesitation, until the wound fester, husband didn’t know the truth.

li ao wrote a “Chinese woman cut strands exam”, from all kinds of works and state the chorography won women cut feeding close case, a total of 620. Three years is one of the earliest emperor muzong of tang changqing von cut treating mother; The late yes mom Feng Shundi cut on his left arm feed meat to his brother, is hu shi’s uncle.

this is written, as to all be cut his meat, is silent annihilation in history, must be more. Men cut strands is fed to their bosses, parents, and didn’t hear that feed my father-in-law; Woman cut strands of the breeder is very broad, in addition to a large number of & other; Feeding the gu & throughout; (that is, the mother-in-law) outside, also can give it to her father-in-law, husband and brother-in-law, parents, brothers and sisters, etc. As long as it can cure them, even if their living now killed, so be it.

but, human flesh can really cure? Now we understand is bullshit, actually also is not necessarily a consensus in the ancient. Cutting stock feeding, there must be another unspeakable reasons. Have indeed because too poor to afford meat, patients need to be nourished, had to improvise. There are also grasping, think more strange things more healing power. Human flesh is rare, so like ginseng, bird’s nest has a magical effect. And the doctor has also weighed in, don’t deny even confirm this, to hide their incompetence.

I think that, cut strands of events emerge in endlessly, the most important thing is actually a broad social bottom. Their low status, and desire for recognition, that is, to do with self-harm. Although I do not know if cut strands have curative effect, but in order to show sincerity, expressing sincerely, solved the besides yourself first. You see, I can’t cut down his own flesh, you can no longer recover, strange not me.

this is a strange logic: I to how are you, no & other; Hello I all right & throughout; , I don’t get person who ghost not ghost, is good for you. Today, social relations remain similar mental trace. For example, westerners drink, drink drunk, is for the sake of oneself happy. We drink wine on the wine field, is to give others to drink, clearly can drink two, must drink a kilo. The implication: you see, I drink himself into this virtue, I be loved?