China see the Olympics for the first person: “I can than ah” interpretation of the Olympics

song such as sea

in June 1957, song such as sea give MEDALS for the disabled to crossed the Yangtze river

in 1932, liu wrote the first Chinese in the Olympics, became the first Chinese at Olympic venues. Actually, dating back to four years ago, a man named song anhui people such as the sea has quietly opens the gateway to the Olympic Games, China in 1928, he as the observer to the 9th Olympic Games held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, he is the first official representative on behalf of the Chinese to take part in the Olympic Games.

the pioneer of China’s sports in 1923, the four provinces of hunan, jiangxi, anhui, hubei representative assembly wuchang, composed of central China sports federation, it is in central China as early as a sports organization, song as host daily work of the sea, at the same time agreed in May that year at the first session of central China games in wuchang. Then, as the sea and the song dynasty and the warlord government of the time, the former army public stadium built for the provincial public elementary school address, on May 20, 1924 ~ 24, held the third session of national sports meeting here.

central China association for the advancement of sports joint meeting to central China, the song as the director-general of the sea. Song as affected by the western culture of the sea, he since childhood love of modern sports, often took part in various sports. In 1928 he moved hankou ymca director-general. In the 1930 s, he and wuhan wuhan sports circles organized sports such as basketball, a number of sports activities, the initiative to hankou radio broadcast radio gymnastics program, and founded China’s first gliding school & ndash; & ndash; Chongqing gliding school.

during the Anti-Japanese War, song, such as the sea has accompanied the international student union delegation to yenan to visit to visit, by the Chinese communist party leaders such as interview, and was awarded & other; To sustain throughout & honor soldiers. The title.