China to take part in the Olympic Games for the first time with no funding austerity to London (FIG.)


to take part in the 14th main the London Olympic Games the Chinese football team.

once took place at London in 1908 and 1948, the 4th and the 14th Olympic Games. The fourth Olympic Games held in London and not China send athletes to take part in competition. When held in London in 1948 and the 14th Olympic Games, China has formed a the Chinese Olympic delegation to London to attend, but this is a very difficult journey of the Olympic Games.

‘s bid to host the 15th Olympic Games hit

after the victory of Anti-Japanese War, the silent years of all-china sports council also began to recover some of the activities, including the recovery related sports organization, planning the national games, such as to strengthen the construction of sports teams.

on September 7, 1945, the Chinese national sport promotion in chongqing joint conference, see Chinese athletes in the far east games the heroic momentum, success of Chinese athletes and the Berlin Olympic Games in Los Angeles and MEDALS, also hope for Chinese athletes win at home to create a favorable conditions of the Olympic Games, in order to realize & other Zero breakthrough & throughout; Dream and the & other; The sick man of Asia & throughout; Hat thrown into the Pacific.

the study at the meeting decision, then members of the international Olympic committee, the President of the national association for the advancement of sports host formally put forward the fight for the 15th Olympic Games held in China in 1952 “, has caused the Chinese people pay attention to and exciting.

since then, the host asked director-general all-china sports council dong shouyi solicit opinions of the national government’s finance minister kong xiangxi. Kong xiangxi said principle support, but required TiXie and national government agreed to bid again after the specific location.

then the chairman of the national government tried to civil war, in order to destroy the communist party and the people’s army as the first priority, to bid for the Olympic Games in his eyes so & other; Throughout the game &; Is not love; With very poor at that time China’s sports facilities, the level of national sports is extremely low, the lack of the necessary conditions for holding the Olympic Games, so June 18 to 20, 1947 in the 40th session of the international Olympic committee meeting held in Stockholm, the newly elected members of the international Olympic committee dong shouyi didn’t apply to the international Olympic committee (ioc) has submitted a bid. , therefore, be made by the host’s bid to host the 15th Olympic Games, because of the national government does not support, the Chinese national sport promotion internal ideas are not unified, in the end.