China’s first female pilot Li Xiaqing: and hu said seven sisters (FIG.)

China’s first female pilot Li Xiaqing

for a long time, China’s first female pilot is presumed GuiFen QiuJinZhi queen, and gradually by scholars question the claim. Li Ming, says professor Li Xiaqing is the first female pilot in China, and during the period of the republic of China hot star. This debate. Recently, the huacheng publishing house book flying socialite, in the form of biography true record the guangdong beauty flying career, further confirmed that Li Xiaqing is the first female pilot in China.

flying dream

Li Xiaqing was born on April 16, 1912, the year it was the first year of the republic of China, keeps improving through reforms of the republic of China, the traditional a summer change to the Gregorian calendar (lunar calendar). Age Li Xiaqing knew that his father should be born, uncle li Li Peiji were to follow Mr Revolutionaries. Affected by family environment Li Xiaqing has a strong national consciousness at an early age.

Li Xiaqing grandmother Xu Mulan is member of brothers, for the guangzhou uprising have done a lot of work, has trained many person of revolution in the family. The younger sister Richard hsu for modern Chinese prestigious female revolutionist, union membership, Huang Huagang in guangzhou uprising, assist in qing dynasty led the revolution. Today, at the zhuhai museum, standing Xu Mulan, Richard hsu, two people’s body figure, for viewing the world. Li Xiaqing uncle Li Peiji, in October 1911, killing the qing troops in guangzhou general leader of phoenix mountain, for the revolutionary army occupy Canton set mine.

Li Xiaqing youth living in a big family in guangdong, Li Xiaqing grandmother was often tells her those heroic myth, she especially like to listen to flying fairy story. Small XiaQing hope, too, oneself one day can grow wings, fly in the blue sky, encouraging people, weak economic help. One day, she ran into the yard, climb to a few big rock around the garden. She wants to fly. Her open arms, leaping empty, but it fell to the ground. She defy spirit, get up and jump again, but still fell. She was very disappointed, but it is said to boast this is only a temporary setback, she won’t give up, one day, she will fly to heaven.

flying dream has been accompanied by her growth.

accidentally into star

at the age of 14, Li Xiaqing appeared in Shanghai people of the new film company founded by his father’s first film “against”, play a supporting role in it. Results a Li Xiaqing didn’t shoot a movie, was not a bit dizzy, performance is very successful. The film was a sensation the whole Shanghai, from now on, Li Xiaqing with stage name Andrea dittis fame, and starred in more than ten films. With excellent performances, Andrea dittis denier soon become a dazzling new star in Shanghai movies, so that the Mid-Autumn festival in 1928, in & other; Full moon & stars throughout; The poll, the 16-year-old jiaojiao female, and hu, renmei wang, romance, wang ying, qian-ping gao, ruan together known as & other; The seven sisters star & throughout; . In the late 20 s, she stills and pictures in the newspapers and magazines. Andrea dittis denier become Shanghai last century 20 s one of the most popular film star.

during the period of study abroad, Li Xiaqing in a private school to study in the UK for nearly two years. She didn’t give up the movie, but in countries such as Britain, France, the United States, to visit the western film industry, to make a lot of foreign stars (including great comedy Charlie & middot; Chaplin). She worked in Chaplin a private banquet as & other; Special host & throughout; , she also with Hollywood superstar William & middot; Will compete in the world famous “Jane & middot; love”. Domestic audiences to Andrea dittis denier to are very concerned about, so the people in the new company as she took a news show “Andrea dittis denier put out to sea to British and American memorial, theaters in turn in the major cities.

however, Andrea dittis denier as Chinese movie star or put an end to the era of competitive she chose the more challenging career: whirlwind qingyun, wings soar.

First flying

in 1933, Li Xiaqing enrolled in Geneva secco Intel Lin Guoji airport for flight. When she rode the frame & other; Unsteady & throughout; As the first world war surplus biplane ─ ─ is likely to be the local pilot Francis & middot; Du laffer owned by a French caudron aircraft ─ ─ to fly in the sky for the first time, Li Xiaqing also for his decision is wise to have doubts. But, she couldn’t resist the temptation to quickly once again fly in the blue sky, this time, she is on a tiger moth biplane performance is much better. Fly in the blue sky above, Li Xiaqing looking down at bottom go to, she was deeply shocked the view. The Alps of peaks on a piece of white and white, magnificent towering mont blanc is the highest peak. Yuanwang to lake is like a shining sapphire, yi yi is unripe brightness.

a memorable experience, Li Xiaqing suddenly realized that she had found her life to the pursuit of career. She wants to become a flight home, back to the motherland, arouse the compatriots of the aviation industry.

in the spring of 1934, the flying coach eyes & other; From the east beauty & throughout; Solo for the first time. After that, she’s passion for flying, and unswervingly. Bad weather can’t fly, even if only to the airport, and beloved aircraft company, she also feel very satisfied. When the sky is going away, finally can fly fly the blue sky, that kind of spiritual pleasure and satisfaction is an understatement.

Li Xiaqing very like flying brought her the infuriating, above all, that kind of feeling.

Li Xiaqing like night flight, especially flies over Paris at night, in the dim light of night, the beautiful city is like a piece of diamond on the black velvet, yi yi is unripe brightness, the glaring lights of the arc DE triomphe, under the dim light of night is so bright and attractive.

however, Li Xiaqing choose flight decision not everyone can understand. It is said that when she enter oneself for an examination the Geneva Intel linfei line school, an interviewer asked her why she wanted to be a female pilot.

& other; Beautiful lady, you are so beautiful, why to choose a flight? Throughout the &; The interviewer asked.

Li Xiaqing replied, & other; Because the concept of average person, the flight is a man, seems to be a woman, I just want to be a woman is not to do. Throughout the &;

the interviewer then asked & other; It is said that in your country, the deformation of the feet of a woman is disabled? Throughout the &;

Li Xiaqing replied firmly, & other; I came here, is to let the world know that Chinese women not only can walk on the ground, and can fly in the sky. Throughout the &;

on August 6, 1934, Li Xiaqing through flight test and theory, with excellent performance got the pilot’s license issued by the Swiss aviation club, to become the world the first woman to get a pilot’s license in Geneva, in Switzerland to throughout the entire flight license of women at that time, only 10 people. Aviation industry in China, Li Xiaqing is also the first to get flying license in Switzerland. Since then, Europe has become Li Xiaqing flight training base. From Geneva to Vienna to London, or Paris, everywhere, she is so compelling, I saw her elegant point out of the cockpit, a suit of white flight suit and high heels she was so neat and plain and neat, like just came out from the salon.

when europeans are from the & other; Oriental beauty & throughout; But relishes, Li Xiaqing decided to go for further study, the registration form at that time the world’s leading aviation school & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Boeing’s aviation school in Oakland, California in the United States, this school is never for female students, Li Xiaqing is abnormality is accepted by the flight school, in addition to excellent examination results, more important is her faith, in January 1935, Li Xiaqing officially became a member of the the flight school.