China’s first meteorite collection owner next month to look for meteorites

Beijing, chengdu, February 18 (humic) a few days ago, a small object into Russia, is the world’s attention, this in many meteorites lovers also a & other; For stone & throughout; Hot. February 18, China’s first meteorite collection one of the founders of penny ur (told reporters will hunting meteorites in Russia next month.

& other; I was enchanted. Throughout the &; Penny ur (said that because of visa problems, early march intends to travel to Russia, contact the local collectors look for meteorites.

meteorites are foreign agent, day not meet nor asked for ordinary people. & other; This is the sky meteor & throughout; , for guests are not familiar with meteorites, penny ur (often play the role of planetarium commentator, to introduce the origin and composition of meteorites.

& other; A year on earth can drop down the approximately more than 100 meteorite & throughout; , penny ur (introduction to, most of the more than 100 meteorite fell into the sea, the gobi and desert, humans find and collection can be few and far between.

& other; Now China really is the person very little meteorites, and in most of these collectors instead of collection is false meteorites. Throughout the &; Penny ur (say, ordinary basalt, hematite in the meteorite collection market.

content with rare for expensive, the sky of the price does not poor. According to penny ur (introduction, the price of meteorites from several dollars to hundreds of dollars per gram, the olive meteorites because of its scientific nature, beautiful sex, scarcity price is more expensive than gold.

for hobby meteorites, and meteorites have unique scarcity. Therefore, penny ur (and his partners often look for meteorites all over the world.

& other; Luck can find some meteorites, of course I want it to be olive meteorites & throughout; , this time went to Russia, penny ur (hope I can learn.

however, he also said that if you bought is aerolite and iron meteorites, he will donate the Beijing planetarium and purple mountain observatory. The