China’s first set of full version of the market price of 6 million yuan (FIG.)

in our country has issued five sets of the yuan, at present the first, second and third set of RMB has withdrawn from circulation field, and the fourth is currently the only accept don’t pay, accounting for more than 80% of the flow field is the fifth set of renminbi. Because of from circulation is a lot of treasures, and increasing its investment value, are well-known cultural relics auction houses and collectors of special favour.

in the market, the renminbi collection sustained fever, have withdrawn from circulation of RMB is also sought after. While China’s most expensive notes, and is the first set of RMB. At present, China’s first set of yuan to buy the market up to more than 600 ten thousand yuan, among them, the people’s bank of China issued in 1951 a & other; MuMaTu & throughout; Once one round face value of RMB, with 2.3 million yuan price break the world record for the Chinese notes auction, known as & other; The treasure of Chinese yuan & throughout; .

the first set of RMB can be collect market as & other; Founder & throughout; , because it has some characteristic of the copy. It was born, marked the establishment of the new China monetary system. At the same time, the first set of RMB was born in the war of liberation in the specific historical environment, it issued to ensure that the needs of the war of liberation victory march, promote the recovery of the economy and development, and eventually become a unified national currency, over decades of monetary chaos, under the rule of the kuomintang (KMT), so it has some of the characteristics of currency in wartime.

second, release time is short, less quantity, is one of the most prominent feature of it. Since December 1, 1948 in the city of stone house in hebei province, was formally established in the people’s bank of China will start issuing unified yuan, a total of 12 kinds of 62 kinds of bottle, May 10, 1955 to stop the circulation use of the yuan is the first set of RMB. It is said that only 100 days to recover 98% of the total turnover. Among them, the first set of RMB in & other; Wrangler & throughout; , & other Ger & throughout; , & other Deep city & throughout; , & other Sheep & throughout; Respectively, it is only issued in Mongolia and xinjiang, more rare. The first set of RMB to& round & other; Ger & throughout; , the market price is as high as 850000 yuan.

as a result of the limitation of the historical background and era, the first set of RMB paper quality is poorer, face more severe damage, the current number of only product of a few, in particular, can set its full fraction, which became the most expensive set of RMB, the current market price has a full set of all product broke through 6 million yuan.

it is worth mentioning that the first set of RMB into the collection field is after the 1980 s, only more than 20 years of time to today, in this more than 20 years, from the first set of RMB & other; Thrown in to go unattended & throughout; , and today & other; Sprung up throughout the &; For continuous high fever fuelled by the collection.

to do so, the personage inside course of study says, the current RMB collection market the sham as the genuine, former anti-fake performance of several sets of RMB is not high, people blind investment such collections have a higher risk, suggest to selectively invest money collection. The coin of China historically, there have been countless styles, so investors must be selectively investment, can have good returns. At the same time, in the process of collection, the best according to their mastery of the knowledge, after understanding its historical background and value, in order to clear the market value of the coin, so as to avoid being deceived.

in addition, the collection to pay attention to the quality of COINS, & other; Quality is the life of the coin & throughout; . So, whether set currency novice or knowledge has a set of currency investors, at the time of buying all kinds of coin, insist & other; Quality first & throughout; The principle of. IfengLogo Long Jinguang