China’s most ancient toothbrush was created in the tang dynasty: bone works handle mane brush (FIG.)

do you know the earliest toothbrush is article willow?

do you know the ancient toothpaste raw material is what?

do you know the ancient traditional pharmacy look like?

if you don’t walk into, also don’t know chengdu traditional culture of traditional Chinese medicine in the museum has a fine collection of specimens of drugs and medical history, species so rich cultural relics. As the chengdu university of traditional Chinese medicine teaching base, here, you will find: the oldest toothbrush was created in the tang dynasty of China, sichuan to save the most; Want to see the original ancient pharmacies, may also chengdu is & hellip; & hellip;

traditional cultural museum of traditional Chinese medicine & gt; & gt; & gt;

was founded in 1956, is one of the largest pharmaceutical technology museum in southwest China, chengdu university of traditional Chinese medicine teaching base, including the medical historiographers, Chinese medicine pavilion, pavilion human mystery, etc., there are all kinds of medical history relics on display, such as literature in ancient medical books and drug samples. Already received tens of thousands of visitors, become one of the western culture of traditional Chinese medicine research, display and transmission center.



toothbrushes in the tang dynasty

bone handle, brush mane as

a more than 10 cm long brown sticks, appearance is flat, on wide below narrow & hellip; & hellip; So humble, you absolutely can’t think of it is to put the toothbrush in the tang dynasty.

this toothbrush made of bones, though still round smooth after hundreds of years, must be used to be a master of commonly used thing in the world. Posed by the toothbrush during the period of the republic of China of gargle, brush head lined up to 6 to circular pores, brush Mao Yong was inserted. & other; The bristles are usually made from animal mane, etc. Throughout the &;

command street in 1984 unearthed

museum WuQiuPeng teacher once have a detailed study on the toothbrush, unearthed in 1984 in chengdu command street site in tang and song dynasty, from the tang dynasty unearthed in the ash and four toothbrush, two of the intact, by chengdu cultural relic archaeology committed after 1 to chengdu museum of traditional Chinese medicine, the 3rd level cultural relics to the nation. This toothbrush proof, ancient flocking toothbrush as early as the tang dynasty has emerged, & other; This is China’s oldest toothbrush. Throughout the &;

during the late tang dynasty, people also put the willow bubble in the water, to be used when the teeth of willow, willow inside fiber will be spending, as a small wooden comb teeth, very convenient toothbrush.

song toothpaste is real Chinese medicine formula when

a toothbrush in ancient times known as & other; Brush your teeth son & throughout; . In the southern song dynasty wu self “dream liang record & other; Throughout the color groceries &; Remember: & other; Mirror, wooden comb, dandruff comb, brush, brush your teeth & throughout; , also mentioned & other; Ling spread throughout & brushing your teeth; , & other Fu officer person spread throughout & brushing your teeth; Stores, and other specialized sales toothbrushes, which showed that the toothbrush in the southern song dynasty has become a very common household items.

in Ming in phuket party, & other; Teeth door & middot; Wipe teeth & throughout; With the ancients methods: brushing your teeth & other; Every use dip in child medicine a little brushing your teeth, brush teeth, up and down time with warm water wash throughout the &; With the modern people brushing your teeth is no different. The mentioned & other; Medicine & throughout; , also called & other; Wipe teeth medicine & throughout; , & other Dental medicine & throughout; , & other Dentifrice & throughout; , that is, the ancient toothpaste.

wipe teeth medicine made from by all sorts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In the song dynasty “fragrance”, about a dozen wipe teeth medicine formula, which mentioned ingredients including aloes, sandalwood, borneol, musk, such as green salt, finally still need to ripe honey into the mixture. The role of its visible have pure and fresh breath too, and make very exquisite.



pharmacy in the qing dynasty

ark is complete, the reappearance of ancient pharmacies

the door hung & other; Step JingTang & throughout; Plaques, there is a waist-high take corner of medicine, farther is nearly 2 meters high in the medicine cabinet, it is covered in small drawer, the ark with who like & hellip; & hellip; Traditional culture in the museum of Chinese medicine, pharmacy equipment holds the set of qing dynasty. Stand here & other; Step JingTang & throughout; Before, and can see the ancient pharmacies in the busy scene.

the whole cabinet made of cedar, carved with western sichuan features simple, after hundreds of years still strong and durable. & other; This is the best preserved a pharmacy equipment in the qing dynasty. Throughout the &; Museum director Chen Dan, this stuff comes from, in the middle of the qing dynasty was old curator of the museum in between states found 20 years ago. & other; In the early 1990 s, when the old director is looking for related collection, and the state of a company called part & lsquo; Bao taihe & rsquo; The pharmacy found them. Throughout the &; Learned that the museum to collect, pharmacy support; In order to thank, the museum also has created a new set of for a pharmacy.

pharmacy sanbao, the beast is mark

medicine on stage with three things: an ink stone, an abacus, and a small statue of the beast. & other; They are the sanbao pharmacy. Throughout the &; The teacher, the cultural studies of traditional Chinese medicine expert hong-bing tan museum, said at the counter of the ancient Chinese pharmacy, have to put this three things.

hong-bing tan said, inkstone and abacus is denominated in, and that the beast has a story behind it. Beast call beast, legend who sun simiao herbalism, will bring a little beast reagent for him. Little beast body transparent, after eating herbs, can see in the meridians to drugs. & other; In ancient times the drug will be on the counter a beast, to show the store medicinal material authenticity. Throughout the &;

in addition, still a lot of plaque hanging in the pharmacy, some written & other; Ginseng & throughout; , some written & other Tiger deer turtle rubber & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; Hong-bing tan says, this plaque is a total of more than 20, is the museum collected from all over the country. & other; They would be equivalent to medical advertisement now! Throughout the &;

to see the doctor and prescriptions, solution and the people of

take seat doctor’s prescription, pharmacy small drawer on the man open the medicine cabinet, grab Chinese medicinal materials. Counter with slip away four sides of paper, that is used for medicine. Pays special attention to the medicine man, on the four sides of paper, off the rope hanging on the counter, three times five divided by two, is tied into small paper cartridge & hellip; & hellip; In the Ming and qing dynasties in the pharmacy, it is extremely unusual scenarios.

hong-bing tan teacher introduction, old pharmacy show set to see a doctor, at an organic whole, cheap, around the streets and in People’s Daily life is ordinary and an indispensable part of. In addition to the pharmacy, the ancient and roving doctor, also called & other; Go party card shark & throughout; , they with herbs, hand ChuanLing, wandering in the streets, the door a doctor prescribe medicine for people. & other; People hear the voice of ChuanLing, knew LangZhongLai. Throughout the &;

about in the middle of the qing dynasty, western medicine into chengdu, began to change traditional pharmacies, has been evolved into today’s pharmacy, said hong-bing tan, & other; Form changed function. Throughout the &;

Tianfu morning paper reporter Mr James tien pei-chun photography Fang Hui