China’s new “green funeral” : “the secret garden” song for funeral music (FIG.)

30 qingming festival eve, live in shandong jinan garden held public flower bed was buried. At home, tree burial, lawn was buried, buried and other environmental protection green funeral flower bed by the government. The graph is people in the flower beds buried buried set on a large rose to go family silently blessing. Hu Honglin taken

& other; I hope at this moment, love belongs to natural & throughout; . 30, the eve of the tomb-sweeping day, shandong jinan profound live quiet garden ring, natural and fluent classical music “the secret garden,” look solemn and respectful, wearing sunglasses Zhang Huaiyuan (a pseudonym) to the grave, the father of three bows deeply, he finished his father buried flower bed comes from nature and to nature’s wishes, he knew that his father’s ashes will end up on the ground, and create the bright flowers.

& other; A bow. Wordless SOB, only missing & throughout; . Black funeral host eulogy of sink slowly, some participants was buried in the flower bed SOB, Zhang Huaiyuan also immersed in the father’s thoughts. Told reporters that his father dying only desire is to require the posterity buried himself in the most economical way, when he heard that buried a return to natural way of funeral flower bed, then decided to use this way to complete my father’s wishes.

& other; Bow again. Goodbye, memory tranquil. Throughout the &; Zhang Huaiyuan said: & other; Between the mountains and rivers, father likes, the mountain water made him happy & throughout; , father said after one hundred how simple how to, as they did the return to nature of entrust father children.

& other; Three bow. If you have wings, to fast throughout xi & forever; . In the process of black funeral hosted slow tone, the relatives of those in attendance will cinerary urn in the cave, ridging by buried personnel seal cavity, then placed monument engraved with the names of the deceased, people in the burial place set on a large white roses for family silently blessing.

jinan branch of civil administration Zhao Yuhui director, told reporters that flower beds buried put ashes as for biodegradable in the ashes of the altar, buried deep under the bed, over a period of time after degradation by oneself, eventually turned into the soil integrated harmoniously with nature. People choose flower beds buried & other But leave three points, in tillage throughout & sons; Concept, save to the future generations left a lush trees, worthy of respect and remembrance of the whole society.

the in flower beds buried with 6 citizens of jinan, shandong live garden workers stand said, in northern China, tree burial, lawn was buried, buried and other environmental protection green funeral flower bed although promoted by the government, but in the form and pay more attention to folk traditional funeral tombstone type. She said, in Shanghai, this year there are 96 people sign up for bed was buried, accounts for only a fraction of shandong, this reflects a northerner was more conservative in idea, need to make improvements.