China’s tourism scenic spot ticket prices lifted 20 well-known scenic spot tickets will be rise in price

& other; Three outings, a scenic spot ticket frequently controlled yuan, equivalent to the salary of two days, most people with food and beverage, transportation expenses, low-income people really can’t afford to play. Throughout the &; A jiangxi, head of the travel agencies to accept the economic information daily, told reporters.

this year into the national development and reform commission (NDRC) one adjustment scenic spot ticket prices for 3 years the second & other; Three years release & throughout; Period. Reporters found that, with the new arrival of the tourist season in three years time expires, the part of the scenic spot tickets has started to increase. The next few months, there will be more than 20 national famous scenic spot ticket prices, rose from 20% to 60%.

expert analyzes believed that this year China will be a new round of price boom of the scenic spot. Rising costs and following prices are prompting some scenic spots fares into & other; Three years will rise & throughout; The main factors of circle, must prevent long-term damage to China’s tourism industry a new round of price boom.

fares in & other; Three years will rise & throughout; Cycle

in 2007, the national development and reform commission issued the notice, tourism scenic spot tickets to the adjustment of the frequency of price not less than three years. Many scenic spots of the latest price adjustment time is around 2008, this year coincides with the scenic spot of 3 years & other; Ban throughout years &; .

pricing according to the published information display, the next few months, there will be more than 20 national famous scenic spot ticket prices, rose from 20% to 60%. From April to July this year, zhaoyun temple scenic area, zhaozhou bridge in hebei province, lung hing temple, jiangxi jinggangshan core scenic area scenic spots such as ticket prices are up by more than 20%. At the same time, a batch of domestic scenic spots are brewing ticket prices. Reporters learned that shandong province, penglai pavilion scenic area has apply to the department in charge of prices higher ticket prices.

is alarming, in addition to the well-known scenic spots, some related and civic life of city parks and into the round ticket prices. Such as wuhan botanical garden of the tickets will be changed from 30 yuan/m to 40 yuan/m; Shijiazhuang zoo tickets will be changed from 40 yuan/m to 50 yuan/m. Reporters found that the wheel is a rising trend in the tourism scenic spot tickets, has the following three features:

it is & other; Three years will rise & throughout; Circle phenomena. This year is the national scenic area of the second & other; Ban throughout years &; . The national development and reform commission regulations scenic spot ticket prices for 3 years of adjustment, this is excessive growth inhibition fare. Now & other; 3 years release & throughout; Seems to be a scenic spot price increases, caused the scenic spot ticket prices & other; 3 years will rise & throughout; The cycle. Every & other; Ban throughout years &; And all the scenic spots in the fight, can’t wait for the price.

2 is more scenic spot ticket prices are & other; Retaliatory & throughout; Rising trend. From the point of related media reports, some scenic spot ticket pricing. Such as shandong taierhchuang ticket prices rose to 160 yuan from 100 yuan each, one-time mark-up of 60%. The vast majority of brewing or scenic spots have raised ticket price increases above 20%.

three is & other; G. & throughout; Such as ticket price patterns emerge in endlessly. Some tourists, there are some famous scenic spot in don’t touch the price the red case, by spinning off tickets in transportation or improve cableway transportation promote scenic area income. Jiuhua mountain in anhui province this year 190 yuan off season ticket price list on continuing with season was 140 yuan, but the essence has higher prices: on February 1, original 30 yuan transportation, stripped out tickets, need extra visitors.

drop in price of the ticket price service

some visitors were irked by is, a lot of scenic spots tickets is up, but always can’t keep up with service facilities. Many tourists, although the tickets are a bullish, some facilities construction of scenic spots is very backward, such as insufficient scenic tourists rest seat and a lot of equipment depreciation, in some places even isn’t very convenient for find a place to go to the toilet. In addition, some scenic spots in the food and beverage, accommodation is a lift price, related services are difficult to satisfactory, further aggravating the tourism consumers of discontent.

related to the national media (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), 130 5 a grade scenic spot ticket prices (the full price of season) statistics found that nearly half of 5 a grade scenic spot tickets have hundreds of yuan, more than ten percent 5 a grade scenic spot in 200 yuan of above. Three holes, which including mount tai in shandong province, penglai pavilion, nanshan, liugong, eight 5 A level scenic area, almost all price tickets sequence into one hundred yuan, other 4 A scenic spot even temporarily not in A level sequence of scenic spot tickets exceeding RMB one hundred.

full-time tourism industry association, vice chairman of shandong province ding said, again to the tourist season, travel scenic spot price increases from Zimbabwe has become a common problems of the whole country. Tourism scenic spot ticket price increases constantly, excessive focus on immediate interests will probably lead to loss of customers.

in numerous & other; One hundred yuan scenic area & throughout; , the resources the best 5 a-class scenic area is the most reviled. Many many tourists have complained that as high as one hundred yuan tickets beyond the capacity of most people. Multiple parts of the world’s scenic spot price is low, but some domestic scenic area door ticket prices far too high, high ticket prices will put them outside the scenic spot. Changsha city liu zheng said: & other; Now a lot of attractions tickets are one hundred yuan, or even more than 200 yuan, three go out to travel, light hundreds of tickets, plus the fare, room and board, the total down is likely to cost thousands of yuan. Such a high price for the average working family scenery, really have a little look down on. Throughout the &;

some travel agencies, head of the industry, according to the above 4 a grade scenic spot more and more, the scenic spot level up, rise in price. With tickets a rising tide lifts all boats, the design of the tourist routes have to cut down one or two charging attractions, scenic spots for free in square, park, etc.

scenic spot to rise in price formation comparing

the reporter understands through interviews, scenic spot operation and maintenance costs rise, single tourism product structure and comparison between the scenic spot prices is a scenic spot ticket & other; Three years will rise & throughout; The main reason.

it is a scenic spot operation and maintenance costs. For nearly three years, according to public information, jiangxi jinggangshan scenic area annual operating costs an average of 115.8295 million yuan, according to the annual average tourist hotels “775900 person-time, cost is 149.29 yuan per capita, the cost is more than its current ticket prices. The chingkang mountains the relevant person in charge of tourism administration, said the scenic area maintenance fee every year hundreds of millions of yuan of above. In addition, the scenic spot last year about 6000 m takeover cuckoo mountain, bijia mountain two spots. At the same time, the scenic area the staff wages rise, is also a factor in rising operating costs of the scenic spot.

single tourism product structure and scenic spot tickets for outsourcing lead to maximize returns. Reporters found that some scenic area, especially the new development of scenic spots, in addition to simple scenery scenic area, form a complete set of catering accommodation is still in its infancy, so rely on a single ticket revenue become the sole means of maintaining the scenic area development.