Chinese clothing high-end custom those things: leaders who worked for cloth

as peng liyuan visited Mrs President xi jinping has chosen the domestic clothing brand & other; Useless & throughout; And & other Exception & throughout; , the local clothing brand overnight stardom, & other; The first lady stocks & throughout; Was born. At that time, China’s high-end custom clothing (hereinafter referred to as & other; High-end custom & throughout;) Industry is pushed to the spotlight suddenly, by the unprecedented attention.

public data shows that at the end of 2012, the garment industry total 42 listed companies’ stock up to 48.3 billion yuan. Critics say, even if the all of China’s clothing factory closed, the inventory is enough to all Chinese people consumption for three years.

one side is the popular clothing product overcapacity, on one side, Chinese consumption capacity increasing, the by & other; High-end custom & throughout; The & other; The most cool throughout Chinese wind &; Whether can let the Chinese clothing industry has been on a cotai strip?

& other; Clothing in manufacturing & throughout;

& other; High-end & throughout; Means excellent, exquisite workmanship, materials & other; Custom & throughout; Mode of production was doomed to each piece of clothing is only one master.

the palace royal garments of artisans is China’s earliest high-end custom practitioners. The middle of the last century, as a result of the rapid expansion of the clothing production assembly line, high-end custom industry was once lonely, only for the status of the national leaders of Beijing GongDou clothing scene at that time.

at present, as people’s consumption level is increasing day by day, consumption idea change gradually, domestic high-end custom clothing is growing again. Vice chairman of the Chinese clothing designer association, vice President of Chinese clothing association qing-hui zhang to introduce to China economic weekly, in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, the high-end customer group for personalized clothing, functional requirements is increasing day by day, gave rise to a new period of the high-end custom industry.

& other; High-end & throughout; Usually means higher prices, raw material expensive is the important reason for the high-end custom high prices. Chinese clothing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Chinese clothing, 000902. The SZ), managing director of yingjie told the China economic weekly “, many high-end custom fabric will use the natural advanced materials such as cashmere, silk, prices tend to be ordinary fabrics several times or even more, the price of a suit frequently tens of thousands of yuan. If accessories to match with precious metals or rare gem, prices will be through the roof. In the famous designer Guo Pei rose lane studio, the gold colour gorgeous dress price is often more than million.

in addition to the high price is expensive, high-end custom another characteristic is a & other; Pure handmade & throughout; . Compared with the machine, manual made clothing will be more comfortable. However, exquisite handmade means to pay a high Labour costs at the same time, according to reporter understanding, an Italian workers to suit a lock button will charge 15 euros (RMB 120).

in the clothing enterprise dayang trands co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors’ opinion, haute couture is the crown in the garment industry.

do & other; The most considerate & throughout; Dress

the current domestic engaged in high-end custom designer studio, are well-known enterprises.

a famous fashion designer beauty berry personal studio since 2007 engaged in high-end clothing customization, in his view, & other; More often, a real high quality custom clothing, not only including the costly fabrics, exquisite craft, but also respect for the guests to dress habits and meet special requirements. Throughout the &;

& other; A lot of business over the age of 40 customers often have the opportunity to attend the negotiation, dinner and ceremony and so on various occasions, but some of them have fat body, go to the mall to buy clothes it will be very hard to choose the style that suits oneself. This is not a problem, is not enough clothes and considerate. Throughout the &; War yingjie told the China economic weekly, unlike ordinary clothing, high-end custom is & other; To foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, regardless of shape and age, let every guest wear can have their own look throughout &; . In order to solve the high-end customer demand of dressing, Chinese clothing high-end custom built the brand & other; State & throughout; , use special Italian designers and craftsmen to design and production of clothing.

and business elite, entertainers are the most popular high-end custom client, generally speaking, these people to the clothing brand loyalty is high, once selected a designer or brand usually visit many times.

according to reporter understanding, & other; Word of mouth & throughout; High-end custom is an important way to open the market. Brand establishment, war yingjie to see friends, the opening topic are almost & other; State & throughout; All kinds of benefits, she can invite friends to try on your own brand & hellip; & hellip; In her view, the route of transmission is very effective, because a lot of people from wear & other; State & throughout; That moment, you will deeply love this feeling.

at beauty berry’s studio, is sometimes find customer sales, sometimes is admiring customers to your door. & other; Engaged in high-end custom must have profound accumulation, both designer and producer, is impossible to enter the line is engaged in high-end custom. Throughout the &; He told the reporters, this kind of accumulation, including skills, also includes the influence of the designers and brands.

time polishing the fine

& other; High-end custom can make a name for a designer, but not sure that he make a fortune. Throughout the &; Italian fashion association President Mario & middot; Bo salina (Mario pressure told the China economic weekly.

due to early to bear the high cost and large pressure, there are few designers or enterprise specializing in high-end custom. Beauty berry said, pressure on the funds often need to share the garment business, though he and studios are willing to devote more energy to the high-end custom, but the reality is & ndash; & ndash; If only do high-end custom, studios are probably couldn’t afford themselves. Though high-end custom dress price is very high, but with the cost of material and time per dress behind compared to the profit is not high. Yingjie told reporters, & other; State & throughout; Founded more than a year, while the customer base growing, but has also not profit.

& other; High-end custom clothing it takes a lot of time to polish, you can’t make real quality in a short time. Throughout the &; Beauty berry tells a reporter, a haute couture clothing, both men’s and women’s clothing, because the process complicated degree is different, from design to finished need a cycle months and months. Sometimes in the construction of a women’s clothing, for selecting the special fabrics such as silk, cloth overhang still more than 48 hours, at least to have a really good yarn with gravity, the hem of the maid take produces the feeling that the elegant smart.

the battle yingjie, high-end custom market scale will not be too big, because & other; After all, this is not a product of the assembly line & throughout; .

qing-hui zhang believes that as the consumption level and consumption structure upgrade, high-end custom market will be more and more big, and outstanding personalized, high-end custom satisfy emotional consumption experience should be always adhere to the guidelines. & other; At present domestic do well designers and brands all have one thing in common: always take the customer demand as the core value. They focus on quality and detail, and strive to meet consumers’ every request, on design excellence, thus formed the good word-of-mouth customers. Throughout the &;

don’t earn a quick buck industry

as & other; Useless & throughout; And & other Exception & throughout; Popular, many people will be high-end custom and & other; The hope of national brand & throughout; Together, the capital market is the good news also let idle fund stirring.

& other; This is not a quick money, want to do a good job in this line, need to have faith, need to adhere to, need to love, it is not the same as doing business, there won’t be very high returns. Throughout the &; Beauty berry told the China economic weekly, & other; High-end custom for technical requirements is very high, workers should have at least 10 ~ 15 years of experience. People under the age of 30, cannot be engaged in high-end custom. Throughout the &;

best designers of China’s apparel industry chain yingjie thought, the domestic garment industry are now facing a problem is, everyone to walk quantity, in order to profit, ran so fast that often ignores the details & ndash; & ndash; This is the problems when making clothes and the problem of the whole garment industry. Do high-end custom, be about to jump out of the thinking of industrialization, to & other; Tolerance for solitude, and keep living standard, hold yourself back losses throughout the &; .

Chinese clothing is also seeking breakthroughs, & other; State & throughout; Order before all the hands of the Italian production, even to ensure the process superb, but due to the production cycle is too long, the company from its factories and companies outside the selection for more than a dozen with nearly 20 years experience of workers, according to the samples brought back from Italy to try to make your own. Now, the workers work samples and Italy don’t see obvious difference, but also had significantly lower cost and price of clothing is for more people to accept. & other; Choose the foreign design processing for their own learning promotion eventually. Throughout the &; Yingjie said.

& other; The fitting times tend to be more foreign high-end custom brand, sometimes even some brand the fitting 10 times. In China, it is obviously not reality. Chinese people are too busy to try one or two just bored sometimes. Throughout the &; Yingjie said, to save time, to minimize the fitting number and ensure the quality, was brought to China’s high-end customers customized brand of another challenge.

& other; Chinese people don’t lack of skills, but only the horizon. High-end custom, is really a challenge time out of the industry. In this industry, the road ahead may be golden, but not necessarily broad, others still cautious. Throughout the &; She said.