Chinese complex of foreign celebrities epitaph: Sinologist petrov leave a “dream”

see celebrities cemetery in foreign countries, often can find tombstone has Chinese characters appear. This not only shows that the deceased in was connected with China, also reflected their love for Chinese culture and respect.

a quiet cemetery in Seattle in the United States, to the jewish Sinologist elwyn & middot; Rive (1903 ~ 1965). On his tombstone, a line of Chinese characters engraved with inscriptions on ancient bronze objects & ndash; & ndash; & other; Son, if not, the boy He Shu how? Throughout the &; This sentence is from the Confucian classic the analects of Confucius, zi gong said to consult, family and students of the rive le pay tribute to him. Reif’s Chinese name Luo Yimin, was born in Austria, in the thirties and live in Shanghai, China, after moving to the United States. Study Chinese culture, his life once more colleges and universities in Shanghai, working on a “big China standard dictionary”, made outstanding contribution to promote the Chinese and western cultural exchange.

like rive le, the former Soviet Sinologist head (1881 ~ 1951) also have a special liking to the analects of Confucius. His black tombstone engraved a pair of couplets in Chinese & ndash; & ndash; & other; Sincerity gridded laugh and grow fat & throughout; & other; Tireless teaching is learning & throughout; Horizontal batch is & other; Not best & throughout; , is permeated with thick Confucianism feelings. It is worth mentioning, & other; Not best & throughout; The word is the head of the study, a cult of the analects of Confucius & other; People do not know but not best, not also the gentleman & throughout; Not best way, and the head of my old age don’t like, do yourself a gentleman demeanor.

in addition to the head, like Chinese Russian Sinologist epitaph. The 18 th-century Russian missionaries arkin f & middot; Bhikkhu Lin (1777 ~ 1853), time travel and study in China in late qing dynasty, promoted the cultural exchange between our two countries, his tombstone engraved with & other; All industry vertical light throughout history &; Eight Chinese characters. For example, cliff zoff (1914 ~ 1979) of tombstone engraved & other; Loyalty really & throughout; , & middot; Alexander tikhomirov (1929 ~ 1989), the Chinese & other; Love to solitary jie & throughout; Write an epitaph, the two are famous Sinologist in the former Soviet union. One of the most interesting is the petrov tombstones (1907 ~ 1949), leaving only a big Chinese characters above & ndash; & ndash; & other; Dreams & throughout; . It is said that he himself has the only of jia yi, but was often frustrated, when death is still a little lecturer. This & other; Dreams & throughout; Words may be his unsuccessful but annoys to life!

when it comes to international friends tombstone Chinese complex, there is a man worth mentioning, her is card na & middot; Nana (1913 ~ 1913). Nana this is German, the husband is a communist fighter Xie Wei into China. Couple engaged in revolutionary work in a foreign country for a long time, Xie Wei into coming back to China in the beginning of world war ii, nana will stay from the former Soviet union. On her epitaph engraved with Chinese slogan & ndash; & ndash; & other; Throughout the world is our home &; , highlights the international socialist revolution female warrior lofty ideals.