Chinese girls in my class articles describe the real life: sage books also learn to communicate

traditional Chinese folk by xue, this is not news, this way of education is not feasible, the direction in the future, all aspects of the debate has never stopped. However, we have not stopped, seemed to give the body in which the children a chance to speak. Under this system the child, how the mind?

this is a is a private Chinese school of the central province of hunan girl, let us from her words to listen to the voice of the heart under this kind of education system, to consider the taste, as for, we are not in a hurry, with all of you to understand yourself.

send a message to her parents Thanksgiving is not difficult to

my name is He Siyun, He Yide teacher’s daughter. Many guests ask us to explore traditional Chinese class: you just reading, reading, curriculum so little every day, isn’t it boring? Disconnect and real life? Actually, we read traditional Chinese people, not just confined to deep curtilage, two ear not smell out the window, read only sage with books, how life is, how to communicate with parents, is also the focus of the course. For example, sister min every in our class.

students vowed not to make peace with your parents

min who came to our class, and my parents went out for a walk,, the teacher describe said: & other; Mom and dad go ahead, sensitive, all that a man walk behind, arriving at least a dozen paces. Throughout the &; Later, have a class meeting, just know min who brought up by her aunt as a child, together with their parents rarely, so I don’t feel unfamiliar with their parents. Congratulate to the teacher the class meeting advised her: & other; The distance you and your parents will gradually shortened by a few paces to a few paces, and then shrink by only one step away, and finally into three walking arm in arm. Throughout the &; Min every exception said firmly: & other; That’s impossible! Impossible forever! Throughout the &;

, September 15 is min every birthday, everyone was happy and remind her to give parents a massage. That day we go for an outing, you play a day, forget to remind everyone susceptibility in the text, to her parents every min who also didn’t do it myself.

this matter, to sleep when I remembered that, and then a classmate named miaomiao is using my mobile phone to answer the phone. I quickly went to mom’s teacher by mobile phone, ROM. The teacher said: & other; Set the alarm clock tomorrow morning and I use mobile phones and can not take away! This sensitive all, play outside, so much time texting to her parents don’t know, sent to bed! No way! Throughout the &; Things a day, the teacher mentioned: while having his breakfast & other; Min who ah, call you send a message to her parents are so hard to do, a person don’t even know grateful parents, how can really good to others? No matter how parents, their children love is constant; Maybe they informed not to, but their heart is always sincere. You so long don’t write a letter to her parents, this is unfilial! Throughout the &;

to dinner, min every face carefully to ROM. The teacher said: & other; Teacher, I figured it out. I think you said to me in the morning. I am very depressed, also very reluctant to accept the teacher’s words, because I always can not accept others said between my parents and me. Then I really reflect on to their own fault. Do parents struggled for me, I also let parents sad sad. I never make up for their parents. I decided to write to their parents. Throughout the &;

we are happy. , the teacher added: & other; The desire of the parents is absolutely sincere, just informed, the method may be perfect; We can’t because their parents, and no insight, methods to improve their true love for us, right? Throughout the &;

words say everybody heart open solution. Eat a meal, belly fills, confusion is solved. Later, I saw the susceptibility in writing a letter to parents.

have inner anxiety how should solve

honestly, in the traditional school learning, I was once in a state of anxiety, I think being a prodigy, when scientists, have ever wanted to be the new China’s first woman prime minister, although it seems a breadth of mind, a kind of ambition, but let me very uncomfortable, I’m not satisfied with everything in sight, I feel my growing environment cannot let me become a real prince, in order to be a scientist or the prime minister, I wish to leave this house, the city & hellip; & hellip; Later, the teacher told us that the real aim should be to pursue, YanHui ambition is & other; No FaShan, no ShiLao & throughout; , ambition is & other; The elders of the Ann, friends of the letter, youth cherish & throughout; ; Chairman MAO didn’t want to being a President, but because he TingBuDe the cry of the poor, he wanted to turn over the poor, a thought to the Chinese people’s liberation, so he drove out the Japanese invaders, beat the People’s Republic of China was established. He is really love the people, ah, in the care for the masses.

learning YanHui common heart

the teacher concludes: for us of chairman MAO neither graduated from military school or graduated from the school of management, but his love for the people have the wisdom and ability, makes him to lead the Chinese people to make great achievements. Chairman MAO’s career is the root cause of the true love in his heart. Therefore, the pursuit of, is essential.

ordinary matter, common heart, do not ask any vigorous, the best possible online at ease in front of people and things, steadfast, I think this is really mind. Have such a mind, in the mean will unfortunately as & other; A food, express a ladle drink, don’t worry, back to also do not change the music & throughout; , in the temple, like van Wen Zhenggong & other; After the first world of sorrow, sorrow, the world of joy but joy & throughout; . So, with all the group to leave home, give up work come to us with family school teacher, I am full of respect.

everyone kisses the

, the teacher said with family school is the most let a person grow up, for 24 hours, your family and children live together, everything can’t hide. You only have to face, only tolerance, only hard cultivation. All are huge change by the teachers. Cao Laoshi like bao let me stay at a respectful distance from sb before, now is so amiable, I saw him on the lead in the big boys ahead in the distance, scale, let my heart intellectual open-minded; Ronaldinho teacher lips verging faster, hand and foot before Xie Laoshi are have bitterness could not say, her face is black, ronaldinho teacher gentleness makes me feel she is now a different person, and Xie Laoshi face also opened, and a change in the past & other; Claptrap, hang high & throughout; Style & hellip; & hellip;

mencius said: & other; Way in enterprises and to the far, things in easy for all the hard, all the kiss, its long and flat world. Throughout the &; As we reflect on ourselves and attention of others at the same time, we were in & other; For wan shikai, is peaceful & throughout; .

this is what we can do, we must do. Taiwan, a teacher said: & other; The rise and fall, responsibility in my & throughout; When we with & other; The rise and fall, responsibility in my & throughout; Attitude to face everything, we will find that even faucets such a small thing, full of warmth. Because we will open the tap a little bit, even also can save the earth mother a drop of blood & hellip; & hellip; So to live deliberately, peace, how steadfast and how!