“Chinese good voice” mentor na ying: player story does not affect the judgment

game process

“Chinese good voice” is composed of three stages: mentor blind choice, internal ring, and the final live show. In blind choose link tutors are four players to join his team, accept the teacher guidance and development, if more than one mentor pick the same player, the option to a decision. In the second stage, the teacher will make his team two players PK to sing a song, is determined by the tutor who final again. In the third phase of the final show, promotion by viewers vote for the winner of the “Chinese good voice”.

SMW reporter Huang Xiaoya interns, ma le Zhang Jingsi 25, from Shanghai, zhejiang TV music show good voice of the People’s Republic of China after the hit two period, open media agent class, four teacher liu huan, na ying, yu, I love you in the video, the first media interview. Mentor group, the oldest, looks the most tender yu, who & other; Throughout this year 18 years old &; , a favorite in the program to make & other; The baby & throughout; Liu huan to play: & other; Yang 32 games & throughout; I miss you think & other; Always sensitive & throughout; 32 concerts, but cry after regret, the future is expected to increase to 64 games; NaYingZe explain & other; Photographing people & throughout; When has been very tangled, because & other; Was a death panel, and I will die very miserably & throughout; Every day watching the show, but also revealed faye wong, see & other; Crash & throughout; ; Liu Huanze clarify when the set, before the game does not know the story of hai-xing xu, and the players of the story is true or not & other; We know not round. Throughout the &;

problem q&a

SMW: player’s story, you will affect the future of the judgment?

na ying: no. We were able to distinguish true and false, is a fantastic story, is not beautiful.

liu huan: we don’t consider singer what is the situation before, to be honest, we don’t know, also don’t want to know. We just want to hear a good voice, and then turn around.

I love you, I think, as long as have a good voice, as long as have a good feeling, regardless of who he is can you turn around for him. I believe that our four teachers criteria are the same.

yu: definitely not, because you have a story I don’t know, you just don’t let me turn, I can’t hear your story. When you have a good voice, no matter what’s your story, is established.

SMW: have you ever thought the students the further development issues?

na ying: signed no sign they are stars, the stars will be hoping to build out of the young singer, the way of doing well in their group. To me, is from the heart to feel, in this simple way to find a new singer, the direction is right, I especially like to join. But players out how far one can go in the future, not controlled by me.

liu huan: it depends on producers long-term vision, we hope a lot of things can continue, good singer should have the power of the follow-up to push down.

yu: in the future to tell you the truth, I’m not sure, because singing into & other; Sing & throughout; With & other; Song & throughout; . Light sing good useless, want to see the back of the packaging, production, can you & other The uplifting song & throughout; Process, because it is not a fragment. (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)


I’m looking for voice & other; Hook & throughout;

the set on the same day, the stage of players, may have come from Taiwan hualian sisters, the family have barbecue vendor from hainan, have just finished college entrance examination of college students. Yu during a considerable amount of time, act as the role of the host.

the southern metropolis daily: you be both a mentor and be the host on the stage?

yu: & other; Beginning to you is not know the situation, I hope I do a beginning and the end of the work. But after the first day, I found the work didn’t need to, every teacher has a moderate play, you will see liu huan solemnly charged with serious, humor, funny that fat doll particularly interesting; I miss you more emotion; And the romance of na ying, my passion, joy. Throughout the &;

SMW: what do you think the growing popularity of losing players?

yu: & other; They will be able to stand on the stage, has been affirmed. Many people sing well, but we don’t choose, because of their voice is missing a & lsquo; Hook & rsquo; Each singer, has a & lsquo; Hook & rsquo; And sing to a certain period of make you feel & lsquo; Wow, I was hooked! & rsquo; Singing a lot of good people, but there are & lsquo; Hook & rsquo; Not many people. And with & lsquo; Hook & rsquo; Later, how to make the above & lsquo; Bait & rsquo; More delicious, is our mentor need to think about things. Throughout the &;

SMW: your online discussion is the oldest in the four teachers, but it looks like the youngest?

yu: & other; Good, I today to talk about with everybody, I lie about their age, actually I’m not born in the year of 1961. You remember, I this year 18 & lsquo; GongSui & rsquo; GongSui, see what you mean, now a GongSui also is not equal to three years old! Before I have a collection called “to death is 28 years old, this is an important part of the state of mind to me and proverbs, music to me is a kind of & lsquo; Aphrodisiac & rsquo; The function, it can & lsquo; Rejuvenation & rsquo; ! Throughout the &;

SMW: where the show attracted to you?

yu: & other; In addition to blind choice part, tutor system is the most attractive, I think the most fun and stimulation, the hardest part. We start by listening to player singing clap button at the moment of just think, this person, I turned to him, sometimes with song is a big gap, I have to think about how to let others song unity, what kind of music, how to help him design range, song, actually we work pressure is very big, but the music’s fun right here. Throughout the &;