“Chinese good voice” open conference: players signed the integrity of the convention

zhejiang TV singing show “Chinese good voice” fame, to show more than & other; Good sound & throughout; Suspected hype and identity fraud.

in 17. You’re at the conference, the propaganda director is lu wei said: & other; To reality, the players are now signed a convention integrity, ensure the authenticity of their stories and record, found that a false will exit the program. Throughout the &; Start from this week, at the same time, the show will play subtitles to introduce full resume, avoid & other; False door & throughout; .

16, some people said that, for & other; Just died father & throughout; Sing hai-xing xu was “happy girl” in 2009 and 2009 contestants of blossoming flowers, just in June to & other; Grandpa grandma critically ill, in hospital & throughout; As from the blossoming flowers out of the race, but after a month later to achieve & other Throughout his deceased father &; Desire for heavy on stage.

when challenged, hai-xing xu said, oneself really participated in other TV shows, but everyone don’t joke with losing a loved one. She also stressed that she quit blossoming flowers not because to join China good voice. Show propaganda director is lu wei told China morning post reporter, challenged with identity fraud Huang Yong early and qi qin company, now open a salon, and Zou Hongyu really is a farmer before.