Chinese handwriting than Japan and South Korea on 9 into a net friend once start to forget the words

start to forget the word, fanciful, stroke order confusion, now of the handwritten Chinese characters, has been gradually abandoned by us, instead, is a computer, mobile phone in a variety of input methods.

if from the point of view of social development, the decline of handwriting, seems to be irreversible, just as a pen appeared after the brush gradually by most people give up, when all sorts of convenient input method, a pen and paper, seems to have no longer so important.

but we don’t know that Chinese characters handwriting, is more than just a skill, but also a long-standing culture.

lost them, we will lose more collateral.

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investigation: 9 into a net friend once & other; Start to forget the word & throughout;

im going (a pseudonym), the provincial capital a university faculty of arts master’s graduates.

before and im going to start the interview, the reporter for him to do a little dictation test, the dictation content is not much, only eight idiom: & other; False way out Guo, unruly, HeZheZhiFu, ingenious, a rebellion is afoot., shortsighted, dude, look sloppy & throughout; , however the eight idioms, im going to write all wrong, & other; False way out Guo & throughout; Had not heard of, im going completely; The defiant & other; Ao & throughout; To have written words, im going & other; The proud & throughout; & hellip; & hellip;

in fact, im going himself has also realized its rusty of handwriting, in early march this year, im going to buy a full touch screen mobile phone, as a result of not accustomed to using the keyboard Settings, Lin cheng simply with the handwritten input, as a result, he has been having a lot of the new phone depressed: & other; Find & lsquo; Looking for & rsquo; Words, is a handle, a & lsquo; Mr & rsquo; , but I am used to connect the two horizontal rise, each time for writing, don’t display. Throughout the &;

if just stroke order input is wrong, maybe im going will not think too much, but start to forget the word Lin cheng also encountered: & other; Occasionally attending a meeting record, the other people speak of a common word, clearly know what is the word, also know you learned, but just can’t remember how to write, had to pinyin instead of, or use his cell phone to input pinyin check. Throughout the &;

this kind of circumstance is not alone, with tencent weibo this newspaper recently conducted a random network poll, found that more than 91% of netizens, there have been start to forget the words. Moreover in the link of writing tests, when & other; How would your friend miss distance, rather than to contact? Throughout the &; More than 60% of users chose to use to contact friends, micro letter, email, etc way, about 33% of the net friend chose the telephone contact, only about 5% of the netizens chose to write contact.

in ordinary life, not just write and we become more and more far, even the past & other; Eat their pen & throughout; Authors also gradually abandoned the handwriting, and use computer to write. Had the media has done a survey of 99 writers in contemporary China, interviewed which still retains the handwritten manuscript habit only Chen zhongshi, wang anyi and ge fei.


roots: information revolution & other; Leather & throughout; The writing life

at the beginning of the last century, with the emergence of pen, ball-point pen, pencil, Chinese writing habits produced a huge change, brush and ink stone, ink cartridges, gradually withdrew from our desk desk, instead refill ink, the ink bottle and pencil sharpeners.

in the same way, when the computer case and keyboard appear in our life, when a voice recorder, simultaneous translation machine, and even can be based on sound analysis glyph of new software in our conference desk, pen and paper is drifting away from us.

& other; Now write, is really a generation than a generation. Throughout the &; The chief editor of the journal heroical Hao Mingjian in an interview with our reporter unveiled his own point of view, the former masters, such as zhu guangqian had intersection linguist, for writing has its own views: & other; Actually practical effect of the word, is that it works better, concise, from this point of view, now computer, voice recorder, etc, is indeed a lot of convenient, easy to some people can more detailed record of writing material. Throughout the &; To make writing more concise quickly, Chinese characters from the early oracle, jinwen, gradually evolved into the official script, cursive script, running script and so on, later if regardless of art, can say each one font, its purpose is to simple and clear, easy to record and use it.

while the emergence of the information revolution, let the words of the practical gradually reduce, character is more convenient, more intelligent input method, more convenient way of record, and left the handwriting gradually began to life.

& other; This is very normal. Throughout the &; Shandong university professor philology ChengYu jiaqi said: & other; Text of the original function is concise and fast, after when there is more suitable for the carrier of text, a pen and paper naturally will gradually from elites to attached sucker. Throughout the &;

writing change, is irreversible, along with the progress of The Times development, the social life rhythm speeding up, blog, space, electronic diary, can let us sit in front of the computer, just to get things done, who is also willing to use pen to write a diary, write?