Chinese oil painting began 400 years ago guangdong like matteo ricci is ancestor

portrait of Liu Suwei “(1942) Li Tiefu painting

“drink tea” (1969) Zhao Shou painting

“haiyan” (1971-1972) Pan Jiajun painting

New Year’s eve, & other; Innovate throughout south China – I soil my people painting invitational exhibition &; In the guangdong museum of art opening, until the end of this month 23. Exhibition sponsored by the oil painting writer of Chinese artists association, the guangdong artists association, gathered 242 excellent artists from five provinces in south China region, Hong Kong and 266 pieces of paintings, exhibition by the Canadian university professor at Columbia University Cao Xing original, guangdong art museum curator yi-ping luo for special academic chair, the curators.

for the development of oil painting in China, the northern painters and theorists have been view is & other; Oil painting was introduced into China has one hundred years of history & throughout; . However, & other; Innovate throughout south China &; Is put forward, the Chinese oil painting should start back to 400 years ago in 1610, guangdong – guangdong people Emmanuel pereira of matteo ricci “, is considered to be the earliest handed down from ancient times the Chinese drawing oil painting. In the exhibition, a century ago & other; Throughout the first person of Chinese oil painting &; Li Tiefu and others precious works are also appeared. 400, guangdong traditional painting formed? What are the classics? Southern daily reporter interviewed.

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precious original appearance Li Tiefu hundred years ago

& other; Chinese oil painting is the western introduction, first of all foothold in guangdong to start. During the course of 400 years of history, the painting not only stay in guangdong, gradually formed its own personality and connotation, and has strong radiation and on the Chinese oil painting. Throughout the &; The painters’ association vice chairman of China artists association, guangdong Xu Qinsong said.

a group of hundreds of years ago precious appearance of paintings in the exhibition in guangdong. An export in the late qing dynasty painting “panoramic view of guangzhou port”, depicts the primeval landscape of guangzhou. Which area of the hong merchants in the late qing dynasty, the author Yu gung (active in 1840-1870) is a master of guangdong in the late qing dynasty famous export painting, the painting is known as & other The pearl river & lsquo; Qingming festival painting & rsquo; Throughout the &; Replica, appearance in the exhibition, reveals the oil painting in the late qing dynasty in guangdong & other; Line 13 & throughout; Ting.