Chinese painting master Sun Tianmu future generations with its replica hung men have been charged

the late master Sun Tianmu descendants of traditional Chinese painting, because of dissatisfaction with replica of his works is hanging in the men’s room, sued the hotel claims. Reporters learned yesterday, the court rejected the Sun Guren demands. At present, Sun Guren has appealed.

Sun Tianmu is China’s famous northern landscape painter, painting masters. Last June, Sun Guren found that Sun Tianmu replica of paintings hanging at the Beijing international hotel conference center male inside toilet. Sun Guren thinks, the hotel without permission, without authorization to copy and interception of paintings, and will work suspension in the men’s toilet, to constitute the insult, the works of Mr. Sun prosecution claims more than 110 ten thousand yuan.

Agent says

Beijing international hotel, the adornment picture is involved the hotel from the legal channels to purchase, put inside toilet without denigrating Sun Tianmu mean, just for decoration, and has been removed.

the first-instance court decided that the infringing reproductions of manufacturers, sellers shall bear the responsibility, trading places of managers in the absence of strict management, also should bear corresponding tort liability, the hotel has no fault. Hotel has removed the infringing reproductions, involved court rejected Sun Guren demands. At present, Sun Guren has appealed.