Chinese scholars said found the oldest astronomical observatory in the world

China, hefei, April 27 (Reuters) 27 (reporter nuss) China news agency reporters learned from university of science and technology of China, the university of science and technology and history professor municipal Shi Yunli, with anhui museum and the museum of fuyang study found that more than two years of cooperation, 35 years ago in anhui fuyang ru Yin hou xiahou to the western han dynasty tomb unearthed in the oven & other; Unknown lacquer ware & throughout; For the s, the earliest existing in the world and have dated astronomical measurements.

in 1977, archaeologists in anhui fuyang ru Yin hou xiahou stove of the western han dynasty tomb unearthed a large number of precious cultural relics, in one of lacquer ware was called for function is unknown & other; Unknown lacquer ware & throughout; And a pair of overlapping lacquer disc, academic circles have not been able to confirm its actual function.

Shi Yunli professor introduction, with grave unearthed two lacquer disc, around with Sunday scale and twenty BaSu coordinates respectively. After foreign accounts for some scholars believe that it is the star tool, and domestic others guess the equator astronomical observation instrument, but two views are lack of conclusive evidence, the reason is that most scholars have ignored and together they unearthed a complex structure & other; Lacquer box & throughout; .

Shi Yunli analysis, & other; This & lsquo; Lacquer box & rsquo; Is actually a stent. According to the calculation, in the han dynasty ru Yin principality on the geographical latitude of the sustained just can put the disc to the local in the equatorial plane, forming an equatorial type astronomical observation instruments. This is fundamentally denied the disc is star of tool’s point of view. Throughout the &;

your Yin hou tomb & other; Unknown lacquer ware & throughout; Subject to completely symmetrical and hinge connection with wood, the folding of the two parts, each part has a folding ear and a groove, groove of each filled with a dragon shape and two knife block. Opened along the north-south direction, using the north stand ear at noon when the cast shadow, can indicate the arrival of the winter solstice, the spring equinox, summer solstice and the autumnal equinox.

& other; This type of sundial applicable geographic latitude is fixed, while our calculations show that ru Yin hou tomb sundial suitable latitude on the chang ‘an in han dynasty to the ru Yin principality (now anhui fuyang) area. Throughout the &; Shi Yunli said.

Shi Yunli believes that this & other; Unknown lacquer ware & throughout; And overlapping lacquer disc, is the earliest extant in the world s, and has dated the sundial and equatorial astronomical measurements. He introduces, the widespread use of astronomical instruments in China on the equator system one thousand years earlier than in Europe, ru Yin hou tomb unearthed stargazing disk is s of the instrument, the oldest and a physical.