Chongqing biggest poison to help end: police “infernal affairs” outwit drug gang “godfather”

drug AoXingMan was taken. The chongqing municipal public security bureau to provide

amid seized drugs. The chongqing municipal public security bureau to provide

trial drug Tan Liren. The chongqing municipal public security bureau to provide

this year on January 6, approved by the supreme people’s court criminal rule: chongqing’s top drug AoXingMan commits a crime of drug trafficking in, transporting, intentional homicide decision execution. His accomplices guang-quan zhou drug trafficking offenses, illegal possession firearms, ammunition to decision execution. On the same day was approved, the execution and their shelter umbrella & ndash; & ndash; The chongqing municipal public security bureau anti-drug team former deputy chief Laurie. The chongqing municipal first intermediate people’s court on January 6 of the above three executions carried out the death penalty. The gang of another principal Xu Jigui committed intentional homicide, intentional injury decision execution, suspended it for two years, deprivation of political rights for life.

AoXingMan & other; River’s lake status & throughout; Destined to the trial of chongqing will become history of drug and the history of playing black an iconic moment: he is chongqing & other drug-related crimes; The godfather & throughout; Figure, of poison born to help as well as from the gang were headed by Tan Liren, lee at three big drug gang, is chongqing drug crimes regular & other Leader & throughout; , controls more than 60% of the drug trade in chongqing.

the case by chongqing police & other; 7 & middot; 30 & throughout; Some probing, the planning also has been dealt with wen set up big case evidence. A few days ago, chongqing police official disclosure & other; 7 & middot; 30 & throughout; Project details, make it full of drugs, guns, revenge, money and poison & other; Infernal affairs & throughout; Mystery of collusion between the drug cartels. This is the first time a chongqing police focus disclosure’s project.

AoXingMan rampant drug trafficking, once & other; Open & throughout; Out a across provinces and cities, cross-border & other; A dragon drug channel & throughout; : drug raw materials from Burma after entering in yunnan, to chongqing, part of the sales in chongqing, part sold to guangdong, guangxi, sichuan and other places. The fall of the group, means that the southwest region a major drug trafficking channel to ashes.

25 people the backbone of the three gang members, 46 people involved. According to “criminal law” regulation, selling heroin or methylaniline of 50 grams of the highest can be sentenced to death; The rowdy group, transportation, manufacturing, sales of the drug to thousands of kilograms! Was sentenced to death in the end, the gang of four people, five people have been sentenced to death.

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