Chongqing found very brink, parker is considered a feng shui tree 116 years nobody dared to touch (FIG.)

cypress, giant cliffs Chen Yaoquan to his son about the origin of the tree and the Chen family origin

a villager took a cliff cypress leaf from the ground

ancient cedar need two people to hold its circumference

cedar, originated from two hundred million years ago the age of dinosaurs living fossil species, botanists called the world’s most rare gymnosperms.

in 1892, a French missionary chengkou cedar specimen collected for the first time in our city. However, this unique to China national plant, in the 1990 s have mysteriously disappeared.

14 years ago, the world conservation union cedar declared extinct, “national key protected wild plants list” in our country also erase its name & hellip; & hellip; Now, however, big into town s village in kaixian county machine-cultivated along the FenShan ridge, has found a plant stand in 116 the cedar.

this plant & other; Back from the dead & throughout; The cedar and secret hiding what story? Yesterday, chongqing evening news reporter went to visit and interview, snow treasure mountain national nature reserve in kaixian county forestry bureau, and other experts reveal.

the chongqing evening news reporter Yan-chun huang intern Bonham, The chongqing evening news reporter Shi Zongwei taken

Riddle of disappear

100 years looking for failed many times

according to a press released in kaixian county snow treasure mountain national nature reserve, cedar originated in the age of the dinosaurs two hundred million years ago, 140 million years ago in the cretaceous is its heyday, then gradually disappear.

in 1892, the zhuhai chengkou at a high altitude mountain, for the first time a French missionaries collected specimens of cedar; Seven years later, the specimen is natural museum in Paris, France. Since then more than 100 years, people travel to sichuan, chongqing many times to find the mysterious and precious cedar, it seemed to disappear, not only didn’t find the living plant, even specimens and text are not update the record.

more than 20 years ago, the relevant departments of the organization to write “China plant red data book & ndash; rare and endangered plants”, sent to sichuan for survey for many times, but haven’t found the cedar.

in 1998, the world conservation union (IUCN) published & other; 1997 annual world threatened plant red list & throughout; , the cedar listed as extinct plants with Chinese characteristics.

in August 1999, the approval of the state council published the national key protected wild plants list (first), will no longer cedar listed as national key protected plants.

resurrection mystery

where in kaixian county found a line of cypress

yesterday, snow treasure mountain national nature reserve in kaixian county said in a news release, currently only about 5 discontinuous distribution of cedar genera and species. Literature shows that sichuan arborvitae (also called Oriental cedar or China cedar) number for only a very few, was once the world conservation union announced as critically endangered species in the world, only in zhuhai chengkou county and kaixian county with living plants.

in 1998, the world conservation union declared arborvitae extinction in sichuan. The administration organization expert group for the following year, however, chongqing chongqing wild plants under special state protection in the process of the investigation in chengkou county township this delightful rural village of kudzu vine and description of longmen creek area of steep cliffs on the net looking for, finally found in the forest, hundreds of wild strains biota orientalis in sichuan province. Then, in kaixian county snow baoshan has found.

these findings mean, extinction of cedar miraculously raised.

to explore the mysteries of

world cedar Wang Gaoda more than 20 m

in early June of last year, the Chinese academy of forestry science four team composed of experts, in kaixian county found a plant more than 20 meters high, 74.85 cm diameter at breast height of cedar.

yesterday, chongqing evening news reporter learned from kaixian county government website: this cliff parker plant located in kaixian county big snow treasure mountain nature reserve in s $town village, is the biggest yet discovered cedar, experts called & other; The king of the world cedar & throughout; , relevant departments are taking steps, to protect this cliff parker plant.

early last month, the Chinese academy of forestry science institute of forest ecology environment and protection of s $, jiang hong, a researcher at a line to the deputy director of the village, after the scientific measurement of this cliff parker plant came to the conclusion that its old is as high as 116.

yesterday, chongqing evening news reporter to s village, saw the strains of cedar. With the help of a bamboo pole measurement, estimate this cliff parker plant about 25 meters high.

experts stressed that this cliff parker plant has won the world king of cedar, because previously found cedar, trees almost all within 10 meters high. China flora and other authority records are recorded the cedar for small trees, but this cliff parker plant belongs to the big tree.

in other words, the authoritative expert thinks, this king of the cedar tree toppled botany definition, enough to change the textbooks.


is seen as a tree 116 years nobody dared to touch

cedar named because of the growth in the cliffs, rooted in the soil layer shallow. Yesterday, chongqing evening news reporter arrived in kaixian county big town s village, saw the king of this world cedar tree, it grows in a FenShan side of the grave. There is not a cliff, is only part of the connection FenShan a ridge.

shrub, around the cliff BaiHeLi strains in a crowd. Approached a look, the chongqing evening news reporter discovery, it takes root in the soil anomaly shallow.

big into the town’s deputy in charge of forestry yu-jie huang told us that s village is located in the mountain area, the road to the strains of cedar is van or suv to reach only tractor road, usually in addition to the local villagers, rarely seen outside.

chongqing evening news reporter saw, of villagers living near the 10 households, all surnamed Chen, FenShan is Chen family ancestral graves. The villagers Chen Yaoquan told the chongqing evening news reporter, forestry experts before didn’t come to the site last year, we couldn’t dream that it is so precious.

Chen Yaoquan said, he is the sixth generation family living here, & other; Elders, said this cliff parker plant is deliberately planted when fathers bury, we all say it is feng shui tree. Throughout the &;

& other; Tree FenShan is allowed to people moving! Besides, even if someone wants to make it my mind, we don’t allow. Throughout the &; Yu-jie huang confirmed that generations of villagers think of this cliff parker plant guileless, let it avoided big steel-making logging, cut trees to build houses and other disasters. Yu-jie huang also said that this cliff parker plant growth is not a cliff, be longevity, & other; Grow on the cliff cliff face landscape scour, parker was very thin soil thinner or complete loss, easy to drop dead. Throughout the &;

guardian mystery

10 people guard team equipped with motorized rapid disposal of the accident

township government news shows that after the experts find it last year, the government will soon be protection issues on the agenda, and the town into the key of the forestry work.

& other; Villagers living here, every household are each researcher and the first protector. Throughout the &; Yu-jie huang is introduced, the importance of this cliff parker plant is determined, for each villager told them, besides can’t break it, if you find suspicious personnel on parts or inquire about relevant issues surrounding shall immediately report to the village cadres. In addition, the village cadres with motorcycle, if that accident, will join in village cadres in 10 minutes arrived at the scene. & other; Township government learned that after arrived in around 40 minutes. Throughout the &; Yu-jie huang said, the township government organized to protect the king of the world cedar rapid response team. At present, the only professional people s village of 10 people.

it is understood that in kaixian county snow treasure mountain national nature reserve administration & other; The king of the world cedar & throughout; Protection issues are very concerned about, don’t know its relevant information from large into town on a regular basis.

snow treasure mountain nature reserve

also found these rare species

it is understood that the discovery of the cedar snow treasure mountain nature reserve, is a magical place, many countries found that a variety of protection of wild animals and plants. Here is not only a national level to protect animals clouded leopard, leopard, Lin musk deer, and golden eagles, also there is the south China tiger.

media had reported the snow baoshan no-man ‘s-land someone eaten by the south China tiger news. 2003, save China’s tiger group in baoshan inspected after think snow snow baoshan has been completely put three elements needed to have the wild south China tiger.

in 2005, the Chinese academy of forestry experts discovered Himalayan species endemic in snow baoshan & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Brown zhu magpie, this is the first time the species was found to be outside in the Himalayas.

in 2010, researchers in baoshan forest snow 30 infrared automatic camera installed in the automatic monitoring photograph shows 24 hours a day, in addition to animals, wild boar, the cat was black and tufted, for the first time in chongqing captured wild & other; Laptop & throughout; , namely the serow animals under state protection (category ii).

experts read & gt; & gt;

cedar why so rare?

the only city in kaixian county where there are

yesterday, snow in kaixian county jian-xiu wang baoshan national nature reserve administration, Chinese academy of sciences, wuhan plants investigation concluded that: China only in kaixian county of chongqing and where and snow baoshan, within the scope of nature reserves, there are about ten thousand strains of cedar, specific what is the scope to less than 100 kilometers, the north and the south range of less than 150 kilometers long and narrow area, big into town such as scattered villages and towns of cedar. & other; After hubei, sichuan has claimed to have seen cedar, but the experts did not confirm. Throughout the &; Jian-xiu wang added.

in addition, the female and male trees, cedar points of female tree seeds quantity is small, with breeding seed vigor, of only 8%. Therefore, cultivating artificial reproduction of cedar difficulty is very big.

at present, asexual reproduction method and nature reserves, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences research has made some progress.