Chongqing nine years old boy to join writers association works on “poetry” headlines (FIG.)

chongqing nine years old boy to join writers association: poetry is my true expression to the thing

9 year old boy xu to join writers association of chongqing, become the most young writers association of chongqing. Respondents for figure China as our hair

started writing at the age of 6, 8 published the first book of poems “the fallen petal dreams”, so far has been published, works such as poetry, fairy tales and stories, more than 10 words. 21 this month, xu officially joined the chongqing writers association of chongqing, become the city’s most young writers association.

9 year old boy wrote poems on poetry “headline

xu is chongqing ents primary school grade four of a student, especially jinbo grandpa’s fairy tale love poems, and the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale fairy tale books. Speaking of poetry writing, however, he admits, was first identified by dad & other; Requirements & throughout; Come out.

originally, at the age of 6, dad to cultivate children’s reading habits, xu asked xu day to observe nature, and then write down see, & other; Write not to come out sometimes. Throughout the &; Xu said, in fact, he is not & other; A child prodigy & throughout; Much more, just write slowly to text is & other; Have the feeling & throughout; . Later, he began to learn to poetry, and open the floodgates, & other; Poetry is the most true expression of surrounding things I. Throughout the &;

xu’s father, said xu keeps rambling about poetry, at night, the habit of reading a novel or a fairy tale. In addition, every weekend, xu also stick to write poetry. At present, xu has published a book of poems “the fallen petal dreams”, poetry collection the rain is sad cloud will also be published in the near future.

& other; Big cloud/bullied by chimney gas//white clouds is very sad/aww & ndash; & ndash; Shed some tears trickle/& hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; In October the semimonthly poetry “the first question & other; Sharp eyes & throughout; Column introduced xu fairy tale poems “the rain is sad cloud”. Poetry “is the top domestic poetry journals, it is poetry” founded in 55 years, for the first time in a primary school student’s poems as the headlines.

love wants to be a scientist inventing grew up

in addition to writing poetry, how do you spend their spare time? Like other peers, xu also like pop music. Sang zhang jie in the mouth of the inverse wars, very dedicated bobbing. In dad’s opinion, xu xu nothing special, love to play with toys, cartoons, etc., is a not to wake the baby.

life, xu also like to make some small invention. One day in October this year, xu told dad, asked him to give oneself buy a few tons of steel to home, to make his invention. Dad tells a reporter, xu xu is interested in the universe, he wrote novels “Hal captain is the oil on earth dries up, the story of a few warriors into outer space to find oil.

when my father asked xu xu steel do invention, xu replied solemnly, & other; Production of the spacecraft. Throughout the &; The family will laugh.

asked what would you like to do in the future? Xu said that he wanted to be a scientist. As for writing poetry, is just one of his hobbies.

teacher: the child pure sunshine, rich imagination

& other; He’s interested in anything, love reading, also like small production science and technology, also blow sachs. Throughout the &; In xu teacher and Chinese teacher xiao-qiong zhang’s view, xu pure sunshine, rich imagination more left a deep impression on her.

teacher zhang said that in the composition of xu, the moon will open your mouth wide, flowers, the grass will talk, & other; He wrote poetry is the spontaneous overflow of tong qu. Throughout the &;

& other; Xu rich imagination is not only in poetry writing. Throughout the &; Teacher zhang remember, once, vice monitor running in the class, one of the talent show, xu unwrapped some golden box, set on the head, waist and arms, performing a warrior, wonderful ideas, let him win the support of everyone, eventually became vice President.

writers association President Chen: creation carried out more and more better not lost his childlike innocence

xu at the age of 9 to join writers association, it also caused some worries: fear this child will it complacency? Some netizens also said on weibo & other; To the child not is good & throughout; .

xu said dad, they did not deliberately cultivate xu’s poem, just led him to develop good study habits.

& other; Have students in class know he published poetry anthology, a little envy. Throughout the &; Xiao-qiong zhang said, but xu never show off, with my classmates, always smile happily and very humble.

the city’s association President Chen said the 9 years old xu to join writers association of chongqing, become the city’s most young writers association. In Chen’s view, now children to accept knowledge more and more rich, there are carried out creative phenomenon. Before the city there are 12 years old girl to write novels, become writers association. Xu has write poetry, he said, this kind of hobby it is great, but don’t have to be premature to conclude the target. Hope his poetry writing as a hobby, don’t lose the childlike innocence.

reporter Liu yan